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Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire?

Created : 12 Oct 2022
Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire?

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a country with everything from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara to scenic coastal towns such as Kas. Many wonder, “Is Turkey a good place to retire?”. 

Turkey is a fantastic place for a retired expat to move since it offers a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle with its turquoise beaches and alluring mountains.

Turkey’s economy is steadily improving, and the costs of living here are relatively lower than in other European countries, which makes retiring in Turkey an excellent choice. Life here is easy-going and entirely stress-free for those with the budget to retire.

Furthermore, Turkey is chock-full of historical sites that date as far back as the Greek and Roman Empires. 

Keep reading this blog post to know all the best reasons to retire in Turkey.

Reasons to Retire in Turkey

We are listing below some of the significant benefits of retiring in Turkey.

Health Care in Turkey

Proper healthcare is essential for retirees and their well-being. You will be happy to know that Turkey has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. You can purchase SGK insurance which the Turkish government has initiated. 

However, there are also private policies for retired individuals to purchase. There are major hospitals located all over Turkey that possess the best expertise and facilities. Many hospitals also have multi-lingual staff to cater to the needs of foreign patients. 

In addition, Turkey is massively popular as a medical tourism destination. People from around the globe visit Turkey to get affordable and high-quality cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants, dental procedures, etc. 

Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire? | best places to retire in Turkey

Turkey’s Natural Beauty 

Turkey also remains unrivaled when it comes to its natural beauty. It offers everything from deep blue seas, lush mountains, majestic valleys, and mountain ranges. The Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and the Aegean Sea surround this beautiful country. 

Turkey also has mountain ranges, such as the picturesque Taurus Mountains. The Blue Lagoon in Fethiye is an excellent example of the beauty Turkey offers to expats. With its bright blue water, lush greenery blankets the Blue Lagoon.

Amazing Weather

Turkey has beautiful weather all year round. From bright and sunny mornings to spectacular snowfall, Turkey has every kind of weather. For example, Istanbul has mild summers and snow during the winter, but the Antalya region experience high temperatures during the summer. 

No matter what weather condition you love, you’ll find it in Turkey. 

Turkish Cuisine

One of the best reasons for moving to Turkey is to experience this great country's diverse and exotic foods. While you can easily find a lot of fast food try, Turkish people love their traditional food with nothing less than the freshest ingredients. Turkey may be famous for its kebabs, but Turkish food differs from region to region. 

You can easily find all kinds of delicacies, such as seafood, barbeque, various vegetarian options, etc.

Local Hospitality

Turks are prominent for their amazing hospitality. They are highly tolerant and welcoming of foreigners. Turkey is a country where you will find an incredible diversity of culture and thought. Resultingly, tourism has thrived here, and many tourists see Turkey as their favorite destination to spend the holidays. 

There are also substantial expat communities established all over the country, making it easy for retirees and foreigners to move here and network with foreigners. 

Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment

Cost of Living in Turkey

The cost of living is quite economical. The rising value of the U.S Dollar against the Turkish Lira has made it possible for retirees to afford a lavish lifestyle here for a bargain price. 

You can get the most spacious and fully furnished accommodation for as low as $500 per month. 

Dining out is also reasonably cheap, with a doner kebab and ayran (Turkish yogurt drink) costing less than $7.

If you are a fan of healthy eating, weekly bazaars are organized in every district where you can find the best quality groceries and get yourself organic vegetables, eggs, cheese, etc., for meager prices.

Transportation Network

Turkey has worked on improving and expanding its transportation network in the last decade. They have built bridges, tunnels, and highways using leading-edge technology, allowing you to reach your destination much more quickly. 

There are 35 international airports in Turkey that transport millions every day. The most notable example is the Istanbul International Airport, which came at the second spot on the list of “World’s Top 10 Airports”. Read about this state-of-the-art international airport by heading to our The Impressive Istanbul Airport blog. 

In Turkey, numerous means of transport, including underground trains, trams, metro busses, minibusses, etc., help you cover long distances in mere minutes. 

Real Estate in Turkey

Real estate in this country has a lot to offer to retirees from foreign countries. You can find anything from a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, a three-bedroom villa with 24/7 security in the suburbs, a smart home with all the high-tech technological features or a holiday home in the coastal towns with a beach view; Turkey can give you exactly that. 

You can find the best housing here with all the facilities you desire at a fraction of what you would be paying in other countries such as Spain and Portugal. 

Since rents are always on the rise, you can even buy a property in Turkey and put it up for rent as a passive income. 

Hassle-free Residency

Unlike many other countries with a highly complicated residency process, the residency process in Turkey is straightforward and hassle-free. You can retire to Turkey without stressing about the lengthy residency requirements. 

You can apply for a residence permit to live in Turkey. There are a couple of requirements for approval, such as accommodation, health insurance, etc.  

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship and get a Turkish passport. 

For more information on Turkey citizenship by property investment, you can read our blog on Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through Real Estate Investment.

Sightseeing & Outdoor Activites

One of the most attractive things about Turkey is that it is a heaven for those who love the outdoors and are always on the lookout for an adventure. 

From spending time at the pristine beaches, exploring the ruins of ancient empires, visiting the grand palaces of the Ottomans, and para-gliding in Fethiye, Turkey has something for everyone.

Best Places to Retire in Turkey

Regions throughout Turkey are massively different from each other. The best place in Turkey for you to retire will depend on how much you are willing to spend and the type of lifestyle you seek to have. 

There is no better choice for those looking to settle down in a big city than Istanbul, since it is a lively city that stands between Europe and Asia. 

On the other hand, Alanya and the Fethiye region are perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to live in a place where they can enjoy the sunny climate and access the beach. 

To get more detail on the best places to retire in Turkey, check out our blog post on 6 Best Cities to Retire to in Turkey.


You can spend your pension money in Turkish Lira and afford your dream lifestyle. While it would be a better option to learn some Turkish before moving to Turkey, it is not mandatory. You can come across many Turkish people who can converse in English.

We hope this blog helped you understand why Turkey is the perfect place for retired expats. Feel free to ask us questions. Prime Property Turkey is always ready to guide you in making the right choice!  

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