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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Acquire Real Estate Investment worth at least $400.000 and get the benefit of obtaining the Turkish Citizenship

Citizenship By Investment In Turkey

To draw foreign direct investment and boost growth in the country's real estate industry, the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program (formerly known as the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program) was introduced in January 2017. The program gives candidates various options for economic contributions to Turkish society that will advance the nation's economy.

Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian nation, with the metropolis of Istanbul encompassing both Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait. It is a nation of great geostrategic importance and has lucrative industrives that benefits many countries.

Turkish Citizenship through Investment Program Benefits

  • Turkish citizenship by property investment benefits many nationals who want to invest in real estate and are looking for opportunities in Turkey. After attaining a Turkish passport, foreign investors will have visa-free travel to 110 countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, and SingaporeTurkish citizenship by property investment benefits many nationals who want to invest in real estate and are looking for opportunities in Turkey. After attaining a Turkish passport, foreign investors will have visa-free travel to 110 countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.
  • They will gain citizenship in a country with quality life, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and a stunning landscape.
  • The petitioner was given full citizenship, which also applied to family members.
  • The Turkish passport will award the investor a five-year renewable E-2 investor visa eligibility in the USA.
  • Access to a Eurasian nation that spans continents and serves as a stable economic, financial, and political hub for Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

Turkish citizenship requirements through investing

The primary applicant must satisfy one of the following investment conditions to be eligible for citizenship;

  • Acquire property worth at least USD 400,000.
  • Invest a minimum of USD 500,000 in fixed capital contributions.
  • Fund a Turkish bank account with at least USD 500,000, comparable foreign cash, or Turkish Lira.
  • Invest at least USD 500,000, equivalent in other currencies, or TRY in government bonds.
  • Invest at least USD 500,000 (or an equivalent amount in another currency, Turkish Lira, or another currency) in shares of a real estate investment fund or a venture capital investment fund.
  • Invest at least USD 500,000, comparable foreign cash, or Turkish Lira for a three-year minimum holding term in a private pension system.
  • As certified by the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services, create at least 50 employments.

The primary applicant may submit applications on behalf of their spouse, dependent children under 18, and children of any age with disabilities.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program steps and duration

Applicants must submit a residence permit application on behalf of the family after selecting the acceptable investment option. After that, the primary applicant must create a Turkish bank account.

Required Documents (Citizenship by Investment)

After the real estate purchase, the paperwork is submitted to the government. All application materials, including certificates and translations, will be checked, the review procedure will start, then an interview request will be submitted. Usually, it takes 120 days for applications to be granted, after which citizenship documents are provided. After that, the passport application may be turned in.

Power of attorney

Two copies of POA from the application owner and their spouse)

Bank Receipt

Money must be transferred from the "Buyer's" own account to the "Seller's" bank account and submit the bank receipts.
Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment

Six photographs

50*60-size biometric photos of each member of your family members.

Birth Certificate

The original birth certificate must be provided and approved by the applicant's country. After that, the birth certificate is translated into Turkish. Documents must then be notarized and stamped by the Turkish consulate.

Marriage Certificate

The applicant must provide an original marriage certificate to apply for Turkish citizenship. The foreign ministry of the foreign investor must approve it in the applicant's country. The marriage certificate's original copy is then translated into Turkish. Then documents are notarized and stamped by the Turkish consulate.

1. The Divorce Certificate will be provided if the applicant is divorced.
The foreign ministry must approve the original marriage certificate after that original document must be translated to Turkish. Then documents are notarized and stamped by the Turkish consulate.

2. If the applicant is single - any document that shows singleness:
The original single status certificate must be provided and approved by the foreign ministry of the applicant's country. After that, the original document must be translated into Turkish, then documents notarized and stamped by the Turkish consulate.

Residency id photocopy

If the applicant has a Turkish residence permit , the applicant must provide a residency i.d photocopy.

Family Book

If applicable, documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children.

The current processing period for Turkey's citizenship by investment program is three to six months. During this time, applicants must go through several steps depending on their chosen investment plan.


An agreement is reached for the real estate to be purchased. The real estate must be worth at least USD 400.000


CMB applies to one of the organizations authorized for real estate valuation and commissions a "real estate valuation report."


The land registry directorate is applied with the necessary documents.


Land Registry Directorate undertakes an examination and checks whether the receipt, valuation report and declared values meet the criteria sought in the regulations or not.


If the necessary conditions are met, the parties concerned are informed by SMS about the land registry fee and circulating capital charge payable for the procedure.


Once the fees are paid, the appointment time is notified by SMS for the contract to be signed.


Once the signatures are affixed and the contracts are concluded, a statement is entered into the real estate registry to the effect that the property will not be sold for three years and the title deed.


Once the procedure is complete, the land registry directorate sends the procedure documents to the General Directorate/Regional Directorate through the system so that the "Conformity Report" will be issued for citizenship application.


Once the necessary checks are performed, the "Conformity Report" is sent to the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs and General Directorate of Migration Management for due action by an official letter sent to the parties concerned by e-mail.

The benefits of Turkish citizenship


You are entitled to Turkish citizen rights.
Regardless of color, creed, or language, a foreign national who becomes a Turkish citizen enjoys the same rights as a citizen born in Turkey.


The Benefits of Citizenship also Apply to Your Family and Children
Along with the applicant, citizenship is also granted to their spouse, children under 18, and any unborn children.


You Can Profit from Medical Services
Foreign nationals who acquire Turkish citizenship are eligible for health care for themselves and their families. You and your family will enjoy health benefits through treatment in fully functional hospitals running in Turkey that meet international standards.


High Standard Education Opportunity Can Benefit You
In Turkey, hundreds of colleges offer an education of the highest caliber, in addition to many primary, secondary, and high schools that offer instruction to international students in their native tongue. Due to the educational institutions and colleges that offer free or paid services, Turkish residents may obtain high-quality education services for themselves or their families. University students in Turkey must be citizens of Turkey to be eligible for the Education Credit and Hostels Institution's reimbursement. A foreign national who acquires Turkish citizenship is also eligible for an education loan.


Your Business Relations Gain Strength
Due to its strong economy and reputation in the global business community, Turkey plays significant roles in international commerce and maintains business ties in dozens of countries and various industries. A foreign national engaged in commercial activity in Turkey will leverage his Turkish citizenship to expand his network of business contacts.


E2 Investor Visa Application Will Be Simpler
For people who desire to invest in America by starting a firm or taking over an existing business, getting an E2 Investor Visa is easier if you are a citizen of Turkey. The country of the applicant for an E2 investment visa must have a trade agreement with the United States. On this matter, Turkey and the United States have an agreement.


You can hold dual citizenship
You will be granted Turkish citizenship in addition to your own citizenship because Turkey permits dual citizenship. Suppose you originally come from a country that forbids dual citizenship and meets the Turquoise Card requirements. In that case, the Turkish government might grant you an unlimited work but residency visa in Turkey. The Turquoise Card on this page's title has information that may be reviewed.


Turkey welcomes visitors for as long as they like
It is essential to have a residence permit or work permit. Renew it to live in Turkey for an extended period and enjoy its favorable climate, natural and cultural beauty, and social living circumstances.
When you are a citizen of Turkey, there are no limitations on how long you may stay there.


Why You Should Care About Inheritance Law
Turkish law and Turkish inheritance law apply to a foreigner who is a citizen of Turkey. When a person passes away, the property they have acquired in Turkey is divided among one's heirs according to the legal shares available.
Power to vote:
The voting rights of foreign nationals who later become citizens of Turkey are the same as those of naturalized citizens.


Taking Full advantage of Retirement Rights
According to the entitlement to social security, a foreign national who acquires Turkish citizenship has the right to retire as long as the necessary number of days, premium payments, and age are met. t.

What are the Restrictions for property acquisition by foreigner ?


The foreign investor's country must be among the countries cleared by Turkey for property acquisition as specified in Article 35. Property acquisition by foreign investors is only possible within the scope of legal restrictions further to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law 2644.


Foreigners may not acquire properties in military forbidden zones further to the Military Forbidden Zones and Security Zones Law No.2565.


An investor (not a business entity) may acquire up to 30 hectares of maximum properties. The President may increase this size, though it is complicated to extend unless mass job creation is expected.


The total area of properties acquired by foreign investors may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the subject district's private property's surface area.


Acquisition by foreigners is impossible at the places included in strategic areas and special security zones defined by the President as areas where foreign investors may not acquire properties.


Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended with Law No. 6302, specifies that "Provided that legal restrictions are complied with, foreign origin foreigners who want to become citizens of the country as defined by the President where required for international bilateral relations and interests of the country may acquire property and limited rights in Turkey.


Investors who are citizens of a country in the list of specified countries are not required to obtain a separate residence permit to acquire property and rights.

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