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6 Best Cities to Retire to in Turkey

Created : 11 Oct 2022
6 Best Cities to Retire to in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Are you looking to retire in Turkey but don’t know where? Turkey has many cities and towns with their own culture, landscape and cuisines. The part of Turkey you decide to retire to should depend on your lifestyle choices to live comfortably.

Most retirees choose Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coast, while some go for big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. The fact remains that no matter where you choose to retire in Turkey, you can enjoy a highly affordable lifestyle with the best facilities.

In today’s blog, Prime Property Turkey tells you about the 6 best cities to retire in Turkey and what makes them ideal for retirees looking to move to Turkey.


1. Fethiye

Fethiye region, located in the Mugla province, is the number one destination for those looking to move here after retirement. One of the main reasons is the low cost of living and real estate in Fethiye. You can get the most beautiful beachside properties for attractive prices. 

The relaxed vibes, phenomenal villas and apartments and the captivating sea view have attracted a huge expat population. Those who retire here can easily create connections and make friends with other retirees.

Some of the most popular areas among retirees and other expats include Hisaronu and Ovacik. In addition, what makes Fethiye the best place to retire in Turkey are the warm weather, abundance of shopping locations, numerous historical attractions and its proximity to the Dalaman airport. 

2. Alanya

Alanya is already famous as a tourist resort town in Antalya province. However, this eventually resulted in Alanya becoming a hotspot for foreigners to invest in local real estate and start a life here. It has become one of the best cities to retire to in Turkey because there are various projects available at incredibly economical prices. 

The real estate projects in Alanya offer luxury and security to residents. Now is the best time to invest in Alanya as the allure of this region among foreigners may cause the prices to skyrocket soon. 

Furthermore, Alanya is a superb choice for retirees since it has an ever-expanding expat community, impressive transport facilities, a fantastic place to dine out, and the chance to relax at Cleopatra beach. You can easily find your ideal home here, depending on your budget. 

Bursa | 6 best places to retire to in Turkey

3. Bursa

As the fourth largest city in Turkey, Bursa is well-liked by Middle-eastern expats. Bursa is much more conservative than Fethiye and Alanya and holds a long list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Village of Cumalikizik, and the Hüdavendigar Külliye of Sultan Murad, etc. 

Bursa wasn't prominent for its property market, but the real estate here has evolved in the last couple of years. It is the best choice for those on a budget since it boasts excellent options for bargain-friendly prices.

While it might be an enormous city, Bursa still manages to give cozy small-town vibes, and if that is what you are looking for, Bursa might be the place for you.

4. Izmir

One of the most modern metropolitan cities in Turkey, Izmir, is the most preferred destination for those seeking an easy-going lifestyle. There is much to see and experience in Izmir, such as the Izmir Wildlife Park, Ephesus, Agora Open Air Museum, etc.

The temperatures in Izmir are also pleasant. The summers don’t get too hot, and the winters are mild. Retirees can find the home of their choice in Izmir since this city offers modern and luxury complexes and houses with traditional architecture.


5. Istanbul

Istanbul isn't just a hub of tourism; it is also the center for trade, economics and business in Turkey. It is a massive city with an extensive transit system and offers outstanding healthcare facilities with a myriad of local and international hospitals open to its residents.

Istanbul is popular among retirees for its affordable health care, cheap transport system, and low cost of living. The summers in Istanbul are pleasant, but the winters can get snowy and rainy. 

You can stretch your money here and make the most out of the facilities and activities available in this city. Istanbul also has a wide range of Turkish apartments for sale. Those with a higher budget can explore the various mansions and villas present all over Istanbul.

6. Kalkan

The last one on our list is Kalkan because of its plenty of well-built and luxury villas. Situated in Antalya province, Kalkan offers properties with a glorious view of the Mediterranean sea. Kalkan is highly multicultural and boasts a large community of retirees and expats all year round.

Kalkan offers excellent places to dine out and drink. 

If you are looking for nothing less than the finest real estate options money can buy, Kalkan is your best choice.


Why is Izmir seen as a better alternative to living in Istanbul?

Izmir is just as developed and modern as Istanbul but is much smaller with a more laid-back vibe. The cost of living in Izmir is also lower, with beaches and historical locations, minus the Istanbul traffic. 

However, Istanbul will always be Turkey's historical, cultural, and touristic focal point. 

Which city is the best for traveling in Turkey?

Istanbul is the best city to travel to and explore since it has numerous historical monuments to check out. You can visit many historical buildings from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras.

Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, the Dolmabahce Palace, and the Blue Mosque are must-sees. 

From cisterns to mansions, mosques, palaces, and fortresses, Istanbul is the perfect city for travelers to explore.

Is Turkey a good country to retire to for an American?

Turkey is a wonderful country for Americans to retire in. Americans can apply for a residence permit to reside here or acquire Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment and get a Turkish passport.

We also have a detailed blog on Moving to Turkey From the USA that you can refer to for more information.


Moving to Turkey as an expat has many benefits. You get to enjoy the incredible hospitality of the locals, the relaxed lifestyle, and the multi-faceted culture. 

Living in Turkey may initially give you a culture shock, but gradually you will learn to accept and embrace this culture. 

If you need help finding a home that fits your lifestyle, Prime Property Turkey has a vast real estate portfolio to suit every kind of buyer. 

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