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Buying Online

buy property online

In the twenty-first century where the internet provides us with direct access, purchasing a property overseas and becoming a property owner has become much easier. Prime Property Turkey is ready and honored to provide you with virtual real estate services. Our virtual tour is an interactive program designed for you to explore and visit properties in Turkey from the comfort of your home. In six simple steps, you can become a property owner and have the option to become a Turkish citizen by investment in a property in a matter of a few clicks.

Step One: Introduction

Let's get to know each other! After you submit your inquiry, a representative at Prime Property Turkey will reach out to discuss your goals. During our chat, we will have the opportunity to get to know you and discuss your real estate goals in Turkey. Whether it is property for personal use or investment, we are ready to guide you every step of the way! Our team members are expats themselves and have resided in Turkey for a reasonable amount of time, so they understand the ins and outs of the market and culture. How 's the lifestyle? What are common cultural practices? What is the rental return on properties? All questions and concerns will be answered with our sincere interest for our clients. Our team members at Prime Property Turkey are well trained and ready to provide one-on-one guidance to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Whether you plan to relocate, have a holiday home, or invest in one of the leading financial and cultural hubs in Europe and Asia, we are ready to help!

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Step Two: Time to Schedule

Once we understand your needs, one of our investment consultants at Prime Property Turkey will guide you through the market in the location of your choice. The consultant is a person with expertise in specific properties and obtains all around knowledge on the market's performance and availability. Based on the information provided during our 'introduction call,' our team members at Prime Property Turkey will tailor options suitable to your criteria. And then, we are all ready to begin the process.

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