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The Impressive Istanbul Airport

Created : 23 Sep 2022
Istanbul Airport

By Justin Mays:

Istanbul Airport opened just three years ago and has already been voted the second-best airport in the world by the public, with only slight margins between first and second place in both Conde Nast Travelers' Readers Best and Travel & Leisure Magazine annual polls. Skytrax has rated it a five-star airport.

Turkish Airlines Operations

Home to Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, the airport serves Turkey's biggest city. It flies to the most overseas locations than any other airline globally, flying to over 315 destinations. Famous for its excellent economy and business class options, good customer service, and great connections, combined with Istanbul airport being its central hub between Africa, Asia, and Europe, passengers opt to travel via Istanbul rather than other competing airports like Doha. 

Why People Love Istanbul Airport

Passengers consider the airport one of the best globally for long layovers, shopping, and entertainment options. It boasts the world's largest terminal under one roof and spreads across 818 million square feet of land, eventually home to six runways. 37 million passengers came through in 2021, giving it the accolade of Europe's busiest airport and the 13th busiest in the world in total traffic, and the second busiest worldwide for international passengers at 27 million.

Magnificent Designs

Its beautiful design offers calm while exploring the facilities. Plentiful shopping is available at excellent duty-free shops and luxury spots like Louis Vuitton. London design hotel offers comfortable accommodations for overnights with its 451 rooms. Istanbul Modern, the premier local art museum, has an outpost to browse on layovers. Multiple luxury lounges have outposts there, and, for families with children, indoor playgrounds are located throughout the gates.

Facilities at Istanbul Airport

During festive times like Ramadan, the airport sets up booths for guests to enjoy free, engaging activities. Feeling hungry? Dining options are numerous from international chains like Yo! Sushi and Shake Shack to beloved local cuisines like simit and kebab. If you are feeling like freshening up, visit beauty salons or spas located airside. There are also spots for people to pray. Pharmacies, luggage storage, cell phone stores, and banks round out the services for the airport.

Transport to and from the airport includes taxis, private car services and Havas buses to points all over the city. With its excellent signage and beautiful location next to the Black Sea on the European side of the city, Istanbul airport is a first-rate spot to suit your travel needs. 

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