Buy a House in Turkey and Get Citizenship

Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through Real Estate Investment

Created : 10 Oct 2022
Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through Real Estate Investment

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a magnificent country with a location that positions itself between Asia and Europe, essentially bridging them together. It is a country where you experience a unique yet seamless blend of the modern way of life and the Muslim culture. 

Turkey’s economy is fast developing, with various global companies headquartered in this country. Moreover, Turkey welcomes foreign investments and has offered to provide Turkish citizenship through real estate investments. 

Many have taken this opportunity to invest in the Turkish real estate market and acquired doubled profits since the prices of properties in Turkey are rising yearly.

In today’s blog, Prime Property Turkey tells you about the step-by-step process of becoming a Turkish citizen through real estate investment.

How to Obtain Turkey Citizenship by Real Estate Investment?

Turkish citizenship can be legally obtained in many ways:

  • By marriage
  • By birth
  • By investing in Turkey, etc.

However, we will look at how you can buy a property in Turkey and get citizenship.

The conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment involve investing a minimum of USD 400,000 in real estate. You also have to agree not to sell this property for three years.

Furthermore, you can buy a single unit for USD 400,000 or multiple for this amount. 

According to the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program, applicants may obtain citizenship for their spouse and their children under 18.

This program was first launched in January 2017, and since then, it has caused immense expansion and development in the real sector. 

After purchasing the property, the authorities will prepare a valuation report to confirm that the property's value is USD 400,000. You have to ensure that the property is paid for through the bank with receipts to show for it.

The property also must be registered under the applicant’s name, and the official value of the property has to be mentioned in the Notarized Sales Contract.

Finally, the application is forwarded to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Directorate of Foreign Affairs, etc., for processing.

Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through Real Estate Investment

What Is the Process of Applying for Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment?

Here is what you need to know before investing in Turkey:

  • Acquire a Tax Registration Number from the Tax office. All you need is your passport and some photos.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Find a property worth at least USD 400,000 and make sure it passes the Evaluation Survey. 
  • You can be eligible for this program if you carry out the transaction to buy the property through the bank and possess the receipt for it.
  • You also need an annotation that states "cannot sell for three years" along with the Title Deed. 
  • You have to acquire the “Certificate of Conformity,” which you can get by applying to the “Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.”
  • The next step is to gather the essential documents to apply to the “Directorate General of Migration Management” for a renewable residency permit.
  • The last step of this process is to apply for Turkish citizenship with your necessary documents and residence permit to the “General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.”
  • The concerned authorities will review the application and documents. Once it is determined that the applicant qualifies for Turkish citizenship, the process is finished with the signature of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the application.

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How Long Is the Processing Time?

Acquiring Turkish citizenship is a speedy process; it does not take more than three to four months after the application has been submitted. Once you receive citizenship, you can get your Turkish I.D and passport a week or so after that. 

Do I Need to Live in Turkey When the Application Process Takes Place?

You do not have to be in Turkey for the application process to initiate. You can hire a lawyer and grant them a POA (Power of attorney). 

The lawyers will then take care of every step, including opening an account, applying for your residence permit, buying property on your behalf, etc.

Investment property in Turkey

What Are the Benefits of Having a Turkish Citizenship?

When making a property investment in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship and a passport, you can opt for any kind of real estate. It can be land, an apartment, commercial property, a house, etc., worth at least USD 400,000.

Here are some of the upsides of having Turkish citizenship:

  • Enjoy equal rights with Turkish citizens.
  • Get free, high-quality healthcare.
  • Acquire the right to live in Turkey for a lifetime.
  • Have the freedom to work and do business in Turkey.
  • Receive citizenship without the hassle of long wait times and going through complicated language courses and exams.
  • You can enjoy the advantages of dual citizenship and keep your home country’s citizenship.
  • Enter a massively diverse real estate market and benefit from excellent investment returns.
  • Acquire an E-2 investor visa with a five-year validity period.
  • Take advantage of a wide range of visa-free countries to visit with your Turkish passport, such as Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

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How Can Prime Property Turkey Help You Buy a House in Turkey and Get Citizenship?

Turkey is becoming increasingly popular for its sophisticated, well-equipped holiday homes and residential complexes.1,491,856 residential property sales were made in 2021 in Turkey.

If you want to buy a house in Turkey and get citizenship, Prime Property Turkey can help you. We believe in being fully transparent with our clientele. We aim to empower our clients by giving them all the information and guidance they need to make a profitable real estate purchase. 

Our after-sales services handle rentals, resale, property furnishing, and maintenance. 

Get a free consultation with our professionals so we can cater to your needs in the best way possible.


Overall, acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is a thoroughly fast and uncomplicated one. Moreover, there are countless benefits that one can get by acquiring Turkish citizenship. 

With this in mind, it is wise for foreigners to explore the local market and consider investing in Turkey.

Contact us if you want to know more about Prime Property Turkey’s services. 

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