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Gocek, Turkey | Facts and Attractions

Created : 07 Oct 2022
Gocek, Turkey | Facts and Attractions

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a Eurasian country that is filled to the brim with historical ruins and scenic views that will make you fall in love. Gocek is one such town in the Fethiye region of the Mugla province. With the Taurus Mountains nearby, Gocek is a hidden gem because of its proximity to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. 

This tiny resort town gained fame after the 1980s and has since become a sailor's go-to spot. Gocek gives you unparalleled aesthetics because of its pine forest and alluring landscape. 

Gocek has become a hub for yachting and cruise tours. If this eye-catching Turkish tourist town has piqued your curiosity, read on to learn more about the facts and attractions of Gocek.

Facts About Gocek

Prime Property Turkey presents you with some fun facts about beautiful Gocek that will make you want to visit this town and experience the natural beauty for yourself.

    The closest airport to Gocek is the Dalaman international airport, with a distance of about 16 km. 
    Gocek has a warm, Mediterranean climate with high humidity in the summers and mild winters and has about three hundred days of sunshine a year.
    The season for tourists begins in May and lasts until October.
    Gocek has a population of about 4,500, which increases during the summer to about 7,000.
    The Turkish government protects this town, and the construction of multi-story buildings has been banned. Only buildings with two stories and under are allowed. 
    Gocek is known for its yacht tourism.
    Gocek has a total of six marinas: Skopia Marina, Port Municipality Marinas, Club Marina, Marinturk Gocek Village, D-Marin Gocek Marina, and Marinturk Gocek Exclusive.
    Gocek has a distance of only 45 minutes from Dalyan, which is another beautiful town with ancient ruins and beaches worth visiting. 
    Unlike many other tourist hotspots, Gocek offers a serene environment for tourists to enjoy the enchanting nature of this town by taking a boat tour to witness the incredible bays. 

Gocek Turkey | Facts and Attractions

Attractions in Gocek, Turkey

Gocek has attractions and activities that will make anyone interested in moving to Turkey to experience them. 

We are listing some of the best ones below so you can make the most of your time while there: 


Caunos is an ancient port of the Carian and Lycian Empires, located near the rock tombs and at a small distance from Dalyan. Visiting here will give you a peek into the past.

There is also a delta formed by the Iztuzu beach, which is a glorious spot to check out.


Kayakoy, or Rock Village, is an old Greek village that is now a ghost town. It is at a distance of 9 km from the Fethiye region and used to be called Levissi. It used to be inhabited by a sizable Greek population until the 1920s.

The Greeks eventually left the village, and today, Kayakoy offers beautiful vineyards and church ruins for explorers to see.  


Telmessos near Gocek is every history-lover's paradise. It is here that you can find the captivating sarcophagus, tombs dating as far back as the 4th century, etc.

Gocek | Moving to Turkey

Shopping at Gocek

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping and eating out in Gocek.

For groceries, Gocek has supermarkets in the town center that offer fresh groceries, meat, and other food items. 

Furthermore, there are a number of local markets where you can spend your time and shop to your heart’s desire.  

The local Sunday Bazaar is the main attraction, with locally grown and fresh vegetables and fruits for sale and a lot of handmade goods. 

There is also the Tuesday Bazaar nearby in Fethiye that you can check out since it has much more variety.

Beaches to Visit  

Visit the magnificent Gocek island and spend your time at the beach there while enjoying the tranquil vibes. You can hire a motorboat to get there. There are ample facilities for visitors, which include changing rooms, etc.

You can also visit the Oludeniz lagoon beach to soak up some sun and relax on the sandy beach. However, avoid going there on public holidays since it can get overly crowded.

Here, you will also find a densely green national park to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Go to Rhodes Island

You can reach Rhodes Island via a ferry and delve into the allure and elegance of this place. There are many great shops to explore, and have a plethora of ancient structures for visitors to see that stretch all the way back to the middle ages. 


We made sure to add everything you should know about Gocek. It isn’t just a fantastic place for tourists to spend their summer holidays but has also become home to many foreigners who enjoy its sunny weather and have invested in the local real estate to make Gocek their home. 

The ban on multi-story buildings has prompted many to buy holiday homes here and take advantage of this area's raw and much-preserved beauty.

Are you interested in exploring the stunning villas and apartments in Gocek? Let Prime Property Turkey help you in your hunt for the perfect luxury home! Contact us for more information.

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