Residency by Property Investment in Turkey Guide
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Residency by Property Investment in Turkey

Created : 14 Oct 2022
residency in Turkey

There are various reasons why people opt to move to Turkey. Some move for several months for holiday, and some come to Turkey as immigrants. To live in Turkey for over three months, one must possess Turkish Citizenship, a tourist residency permit or a long-term residence permit - which will be described at length in this blog. 

Is Turkey Good for Real Estate Investment

Cheaper and Modern Properties

Investing in Turkey through real estate investment is one of the greatest decisions that one could make. The quality of properties being built in Turkey is modern and has fabulous aesthetics, and attractive prices grab the attention of many investors. The properties in Turkey have affordable prices compared to those in other European countries.  

Geographical Advantage 

There is no better place to invest in Europe than Turkey. The country has the benefit of being located on both the European and the Asian continents. This is a big plus for those who want to have regional businesses.

Safe Country

When you move to Turkey, one thing that you are guaranteed is safety. Whether you are an early-morning runner or late-night walker, Turkey is a safe place to reside for both individuals and families. Most properties have CCTVs and 24/7 security services. The police in Turkey are also very efficient and effective, ready to serve whenever they are called. 

High Return on Investment

Buying property for investment in Turkey will guarantee you a return on investment. There are dozens of properties listed on the Prime Property Turkey website with guaranteed returns on investment. As an investor, you can buy multiple properties for investment, whether to reside in the country or not. 

How to Get Residence by Investment in Turkey

To gain residence through investment in Turkey, one must have bought property worth 75.000 USD or more. The property can be purchased in any city in the country, considering that the particular district is not closed to foreigners. Visit our website to check the districts that are closed for foreign investment. Note that this investment does not qualify you for Turkish Citizenship. To gain a Turkish passport, one must invest at least 400.000 USD. It is also possible to buy multiple properties that amount to 400.000 USD for your spouse and children under 18 to gain Turkish Citizenship

After Buying Process

After investing property in Turkey, you will receive a Turkish identity card that you will use to access services in Turkey to live comfortably and legally in the country. Prime Property Turkey sales and legal services will ensure you get all the help you need from the pre-buying process up to the after-sale services

Where to buy Cheap Property in Turkey

You can get the affordable property with great payment methods in Turkey. However, cheap properties are usually studios and 1-bedroom apartments only. With the increase of inflation, the prices are continually rising, affecting the costs of building materials. We advise those who wish to invest, to buy property now  in Turkey. Some cities where you can get affordable property include Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. However, moving from metropolitan cities gives you even cheaper properties. Contact us so that you can help buy property within your budget.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Foreigner Buy Property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey can be done through cash or bitcoin. Prime Property Turkey will help you open a Turkish bank account in Turkey, where you will deposit money to purchase your account. A couple of documents are required when buying a property, including your national passport, birth certificate, marriage biometric passport photos, Tax i.d, e.t.c. For more information on the requirements needed to buy property in Turkey, please read our Buyer guide

Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey Profitable?

Investing in real estate in Turkey is profitable and has shown positive trends over the years. After buying a property, you can revamp it to suit your needs. The interior design that you add to your property can increase the value of your property when you rent it out and decide to sell it. 

Can I get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Home?

Yes, you can get Turkish Citizenship by buying property in Turkey. To get a Turkish passport, you must invest a minimum of 400.000 USD. This will also benefit your spouse and your children under 18. 

In Conclusion

Residency by investment in Turkey is one of the ways to stay in Turkey legally. There are many properties listed on the Prime Property Turkey Website that are suitable for long-term residency, do not miss this opportunity to own property in Turkey; call Prime Property Turkey today. 

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