Best cities to buy Property in Turkey 2023

Trending Cities For Investment In 2023

Created : 31 Jan 2023
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By Justin Mays:

Investing in a housing property has a lot of significance in every country. Every year there are trends basis on various social, political, and economic factors that list places as the trending locations for investment in that year. For 2023, the investors are looking for hot cities for offices, plots, housing, and other projects as per their budget.

For years Turkey has been in the eyes of foreign investors. With the exchange rate fluctuations, the demand is now more than ever. Every city in Turkey has its unique points and demand for properties (local and international) but the hottest cities right now are Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, Mersin, and Bursa. 

Each city has its set of benefits, standards of living, and work opportunities. The choice you make will always be on your needs and expectations from the place. It’s usually the features and annual appreciation of the place that temps the investors the most. 

It’s noted that business cities are given more preference over others. we will also witness a shift towards medium-sized cities that will soon develop into commercial hubs. However, the investors not just follow the trends but also have a flexible mind prepared to adapt for more returns. 

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What type of investments can you make in Turkey?

Turkey is ideal for investment because of its young, vibrant, and competent population. From the commercial point of view, Turkey becomes even more attractive to investors because of state incentives, tax exemptions, and free land distributions.

  • Real Estate and Properties: The increase in the diversity of the population, redevelopment initiatives, and new constructions are lucrative for investors.

  • IT and Technology: In the past few years, Turkey has prioritized technological research and development with investment opportunities in software development, and biotechnology. 

  • Fashion and Textile Industry: The quality offered, the abundance of raw materials, catering to client requirements, and satisfying the major demand of Europe and the Middle East are only a few reasons these sectors are flourishing. 

  • Green Energy and Environmental Resources: Turkey is attracting attention in this area thanks to the extensive incentives by companies in the energy and natural resource sectors. 

  • Sustainability and Recycling: The Environment and Recycling industry is becoming more powerful and fascinating as a lot of efforts are being made to stop the damage caused by industrialization and combat global warming. 

Conclusion: Turkey is Europe's most promising real estate market because of its location. The country has fantastic potential for real estate developers and investors due to a large construction industry expanding its commercial and industrial production. Hence, the property becomes the best choice for investment.

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Best Turkish cities for land investment 2023

Most of you will already know how profitable these cities are for land investment in Turkey. If you are planning to make an investment in Turkey take a closer look at these cities. For more information, our experts will assist you with sales and after-sales services.


Istanbul is the first and most noticeable city to pick up for living in Turkey. It's an expensive location with booming real estate. Apart from the cultural diversity, Istanbul has the architecture of many different civilizations. Connecting Europe and Asia, it's a financial hub or the country. Every year the number of business in the city increase because it provides great opportunities for making money like jobs, investment options, and tourism. 


Antalya leads in tourism and summer vibes and is the second preferred city among foreigners. With a variety of different types of houses and amazing living conditions, Antalya attracts many people from around the world. It's another incredible city in Turkey that comes to mind when you talk about investment. With versatile investment options for both individuals and businesses, one can purchase a wonderful holiday house here. Also, the resale of these properties will also make money for you! 


The ancient city that was once home to Aristotle takes the attention of many tourists and investors. Izmir is an affordable yet classy region combined with the sea and still not yet surrendered by the shallowness of modern life. Izmir stands out. It's known for its warm, understanding, and helpful people. It is becoming a land of opportunity for investors through its strong economy and demographics. With 5 technoparks, 16 organized industrial zones, and 3 free zones, Izmir presents an ideal environment and infrastructure for all kinds of investment.


The capital city of Turkey is the second best place for business after Istanbul. It offers plenty of land investment opportunities and most of them can even double your money in some years. Also, because the remote areas are still almost untouched, they also have promising opportunities for both locals and foreigners. The properties here are excellent assets because they'll bring you solid returns in case you need to lease out.


Located in the western corner of Mugla province, Bodrum is the most popular touristic district with its beautiful beaches, historical ruins, colorful nightlife, and holiday villages. Bodrum is a fertile home for investment in Turkey with villas, apartments, land, and hotel businesses for sale and attractive rental potential. This area is most preferred by tourists and holidaymakers and hence you'll mainly find apartments in high-quality resorts, or villas by the sea. The city has comfortable options for an investor with all large land and small or medium land.


Located in the Marmara Region, Bursa is a city that has countless beauties for those who want entertainment, seek peace, want to be alone with nature, taste gourmet delicacies, or dive into history. The capital of the Ottoman Empire is very famous for its historical buildings. The good news for those planning to buy investment real estate in Bursa is that it will give you a year-round rental income regardless of which area you choose. Investing in Bursa real estate is an incredibly wise move in the long run because this city keeps rapidly advancing and the prices will keep going up.


Alanya is an outstanding tourism place in Turkey with a climate that is suitable for many sports and cultural activities. Several people of varied religions, languages, and cultures continue to live happily together in Alanya. Numerous foreign are investing in buying commercial space in Alanya is becoming to make good profits. There are diverse and affordable properties to choose from. Thanks to the massive income earned from the tourism industry, new residential and commercial buildings, roads, highways, and amenities are constantly being built here. It's very much possible that in a few years, property prices will rise significantly giving you a great investment return.

Turkey is an investors’ heaven for both nationals and foreigners and doesn’t require a second thought. Want to invest with peace of mind? Prime Property Turkey is here! With us, you don't have to worry about credibility, trust, or security. Shall we get started?


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