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Buy Property in Turkey and Get Citizenship

Created : 14 Sep 2022
Turkey citizenship

By Justin Mays: 

The amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship through property buying has changed following the new law. The most recent change allows foreigners who buy a property worth at least $400,000 to apply for Turkish citizenship. Along with the investor, the investor's legally wed spouse and any minor children are also covered by this privilege.

Citizenship through property buying in Turkey

As of June 13, 2022, the President's Decision increased the required investment from 250,000 to 400,000 dollars to qualify for Turkish citizenship by property buying. With the already-purchased properties, you can seek citizenship. A minimum of $1 million must have been spent on the property between January 12, 2017, and September 18, 2018. Therefore, citizenship petitions cannot be supported by property worth less than $1 million acquired before this date. For yourself, your spouse, and your children under 18, you can gain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate and promising not to sell it back within three years. In three months, a Turkish passport is issued.

    Conditions to obtain citizenship through property purchasing:

    Cash must be used to purchase the property.

    The owner of the property you intend to buy must be a citizen of Turkey.

    The title deed ought to be completed.

    The buyer does not have a debt issue. If you buy two or three properties, the overall cost should not exceed $400,000.

Ways to invest your way to Turkish citizenship

    Acquiring Turkish nationality through buying property worth $400,000.

    Investing a predetermined amount of money that is at least $500,000.

    A minimum of 500 thousand dollars in deposits in Turkish-operated banks should be accepted (this amount may also be expressed in other currencies or Turkish Lira) with the condition that the bank must wait three years before releasing a deposit.

    A minimum investment of $500 000 shall be made in a real estate investment fund share with the condition that participation shares are subject to a three-year retention requirement.

    Government debt should be purchased for at least 500,000 USD.

What documentation is needed to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The following items must be submitted with your application:

    A completed application form

    A valid passport;

    Four passport-size photos of each member of your family;

    Your birth certificate;

    A residence permit or a valid tourist visa on your passport;

    A certificate of good health;

    Documents attesting the relationship to your spouse and children (such as a marriage license or birth certificate); and, if applicable, a copy of your Turkish ID and the addresses of any relatives you have in Turkey.

    A bank receipt proving a minimum payment of $400,000;

    An appraisal report

    A title deed or a pledge to buy the property should be notarized;

    Parental Consent Letter for Passport (for the applicant's minor kid who would gain Turkish citizenship). It must be signed by a notary, a representative abroad, or the appropriate national authorities.

Note: The above documents have been translated into Turkish in their original form.

How can I become a Turkish citizen?

There are three steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship through property buying:

1.      Getting the Certificate of Compliance

      The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre issue the certificate of compliance along with;     Bank transfer receipts     Report on property valuation for obtaining Turkish citizenship     The title deed or Property Sales Commitment Contract with annotation phrase reading "cannot sell for three years."

2.      A Turkish Resident Visa Application

You must submit an application to the Provincial Migration Management along with the required paperwork if you want a resident permit for Turkey. 

The investor can renew the residence visa until their citizenship process is finished.

3.      The Turkish Citizenship Application

The application is completed by applying for Turkish citizenship through investment along with the residence permit and all other documentation received before this point to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. The appropriate authorities evaluate the application after submission. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signs the citizenship application once it has been established that they are eligible, marking the end of the Turkish citizenship application process.

How long does it take to become a citizen of Turkey by buying a property?

After paying money and applying for citizenship in 2022, it takes 3 to 4 months to receive your Turkish citizenship officially. Additionally, as soon as the primary applicant has received citizenship, the spouse (wife/husband) and children under 18 can also apply for Turkish citizenship. 

Following that, you can instantly obtain your new Turkish passport and ID card. However, depending on when the appointment for the Turkish passport is made, it could take between two and three weeks.

For 2022, the total cost of Turkish passport costs has been adjusted. As a result, the cost of a six-month passport will be 309.40 Turkish Liras, 450.80 Turkish Liras for a year, 738 Turkish Liras for over 2 Years, 1048.70 Turkish Liras for over three years, and 1478 Turkish Liras for 4 to 10 years


You can live in Turkey, a country where Muslim culture and modern life coexist. 

With the globe becoming increasingly globalized and travel becoming such a common goal for everyone, being able to travel without a visa is a beneficial advantage. 

People desire to access different business, career, cultural, and lifestyle possibilities across national boundaries. Turkey is one nation now making news by providing rich investment opportunities in exchange for citizenship.

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