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Bursa Combines the Best of Old and New

Created : 28 Feb 2021
Buying property in  Bursa Turkey

By Justin Mays

The urban area of Bursa is known as Turkey's beloved green city. Its history of good municipal planning has created an urban cityscape with ample public green spaces set among smart modern buildings and historic districts. It is the perfect place for those who love a mixture of art and nature.

Today’s blog will help you learn about Bursa and how this incredible city combines the best of the old and the new.

The All-in-one Guide to Bursa

A combination of historical and modern, Bursa is situated between two of Turkey’s most important cities, Istanbul and Ankara. It is the city with the 4th largest population and has been home to ancient civilizations. It is situated in Turkey’s northwest region.

This architecturally-rich city used to be the capital of the Ottoman Empire. With its flavor-rich cuisine and picturesque locations, Bursa is loaded with countless options for entertainment. 

Transportation in Bursa

Bursa is one of the few cities in Turkey that can count a metro system among its excellent transportation links. Transportation infrastructure development in the past decade has made Bursa easily accessible from many points in Turkey. You can arrive in a mere two hours by car ferry or bridge from Istanbul across the Marmara Sea.

Buying a Property in Bursa

An essential economic region fueled by the textile, food, and car industries, Bursa has attracted a growing affluent population. Consistently ranking as one of the top five destinations for foreign house sales in Turkey, experts predict this ranking will continue to increase, making Bursa one of the prime places for buying a property in Turkey. Its combination of natural and cultural assets adds to its appeal.

Historical Places at Bursa

A UNESCO World Heritage city, Bursa is home to significant Ottoman-architecture mosques and sites, mineral hot springs spas, and traditional hammams. Some historical places to visit include:

  • Yesil Cami
  • Emir Sultan Mosque
  • Kestel Kalesi

Entertainment & Local Cuisines of Bursa

Other attractions include various eateries where you may enjoy a local favorite, the Iskender kebab; modern shopping malls bursting with dining and entertainment venues; or traditional bazaars where haggling is also a form of entertainment. 

There are also several malls and plazas one can visit to access an endless array of shops and brands. The most notable ones include Zafer Plaza, Antollium Mall, Korupark Shopping Centre, and Marka Mall. 

This city offers many cuisines dating back to the Ottoman Empire. These include dishes like Doner Kebab, Inegol Kofta, Pita Kofta, etc. 

Scrumptious local desserts such as walnut lokum and milk helva are unique to Bursa and will be loved by anyone with a sweet tooth.

Tourism Locations & Holiday Homes in Bursa

There are many locations in and around Bursa that tourists can visit. If you prefer to live outside the city, you can find Uludag National Park, home of the most famous ski resort in Turkey. 

As part of the Marmara Sea region, this area also features affordable holiday homes in Turkey in the popular seaside destinations of Mudanya and Gemlik.

Expat Influx in Bursa

From sea to slopes, Istanbulites have long treated Bursa as a year-round weekend destination, but the area is also popular with Middle Eastern nationalities. 

Record numbers of visitors from Arab Nations have discovered the low prices. They appreciate the area's conservative leanings and cultural similarities, making it a top choice for buying a property in Turkey with investors from Arab countries.  

Family-friendly and affordable Bursa is a rising star in the Turkish property market.

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