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Guide to Moving to Turkey From the USA

Created : 21 Sep 2022
Guide to Moving to Turkey From the USA

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is an exquisite blend of the East and the West and has been blessed with beautiful weather, stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes. 

Where ever you go in this remarkable country, you see traces of the past in the form of old gates, bazaars, and buildings. 

Turkey has now moved on from being only a tourist hotspot. It has become a preferred destination for many nationalities worldwide to settle in, promising an affordable and high standard of life. 

If you are a US citizen looking to move to Turkey for retirement or to live here with your family, this blog has rich information to help you settle in Turkey better.

Please go through our detailed guide on moving to Turkey from the USA to get answers to all your questions.

What Are the Living Costs in Turkey?

Compared to Europe and the USA, Turkey is far more affordable. Locally made goods are low cost, while imported ones are expensive. When moving to Turkey from the US, you can easily find reasonably priced accommodation.

The healthcare and transportation services in Turkey are also one of the best without having sky-high prices.

Expats living here can afford a lot more compared to their home countries and get a great bang for their buck because of the high standard of life at a lower cost. 

Read our blogs on the Cost of Living in Turkey and Health Services for Foreigners to know more.

How to Learn the Turkish Language?

Turkish is the national language of Turkey. However, many locals can speak some level of English in major cities. This is because English is taught in schools here. 

You can easily find guides and service providers who speak English fluently in touristy locations. 

You can even use digital translation apps to communicate with the locals.

Turkish people appreciate foreigners who can speak some Turkish. You can learn phrases from the locals or use language learning apps such as Duolingo.

People who move here from the USA can easily find Turkish teachers and get private lessons for very cheap.

There are also language learning schools scattered around the country that can teach Turkish for affordable fees. 

Moving to Turkey From the USA

How to Rent or Buy Property in Turkey?

Renting Property in Turkey

Renting in Turkey is a straightforward process. You can rent either furnished or unfurnished accommodation. The rental fees are different for every property, considering the location and size. 

After choosing a location where you are interested in residing, you can select an apartment on various websites, such as Sahibinden where apartments are advertised by agents (Emlak). Tenants can also approach property owners or real estate consultancy companies. 

A rental agreement usually has a duration of one year, and tenants can terminate or extend them after it expires.

Buying Property in Turkey

The Turkish government has eased restrictions and immensely simplified the property buying process for foreign nationals. The last couple of years have witnessed a boom in the property market, with record-breaking levels of property sales being made to foreign buyers.

You do not need a residence permit to purchase any property in Turkey.

However, having a Foreign Identity Number is compulsory when buying property. 

Before making any purchases, it is vital to hire a lawyer to keep the legal aspects in view and guide you through the process thoroughly. 

Once you have negotiated the price and terms of the property, you have to get a solicitor and grant them the Power of Attorney to help you finalize things and register the title deed (TAPU)  

Is It Possible to Acquire Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, Turkey has a Turkish Citizenship by Investment program through which foreigners can acquire citizenship by property investment in Turkey.

To avail this opportunity, foreigners must invest no less than USD 400,000 in a commercial or residential property in Turkey. By doing this, you can get Turkish citizenship for yourself, your spouse and children under 18.

Please read our extensive guide on Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

How to Send and Receive Money in Turkey?

Moving money is a crucial question in the minds of people who move from the USA to Turkey. 

The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. You can comfortably move your money between Turkey and USA via international banks or money transfer services such as:

How to Transfer Your Belongings to Turkey?

Unless you are planning to move here for a short period, you probably want to transfer your belongings to Turkey on time. In this case, you can contact international removal companies to ship your belongings here.

If the company of your choice does not include packing costs in their package, it is better if you pay the extra charges to them to pack your possessions properly, especially fragile items.

How to Get a Job in Turkey?

The employment laws here are relatively rigid. Despite this, expats that move to major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc can still find jobs in specific fields such as the education sector, tourism, and hospitality.

English teaching jobs are popular among people moving from the USA to Turkey. Expats can use platforms such as:

To work here legally, expats need a work permit.

Many foreigners work remotely or as freelancers and live here as digital nomads.

Read more: Jobs and Salaries in Turkey

How to Get a Work Permit in Turkey?

The first step to working in Turkey is to get hired by a local company. Once that is done, it is the employer who has to apply for the work permit. The employee cannot apply by themselves. 

If the employee is present in Turkey and possesses a residence permit, the employer can apply for their work permit. This is done through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Otherwise, you can apply through your closest Turkish Embassy in the country of your residence. 

For more details on how to get a work permit and what you will precisely need, please read General Information About Turkish Visas.

Is It Possible for USA Citizens to Retire in Turkey?

Though there is no retirement visa for people from the USA, USA citizens can visit Turkey with an e-Visa and later apply for a residence permit. 

To know more about this, please read our blog on Types of Turkish Residence Permits to know how you can apply for one.

Is It Hard to Make Friends in Turkey?

Not at all! Turkish people are amiable and social. They love to meet new people and are interested in different cultures. They are highly communicative and love to help. 

You can easily make new friends in Turkey by enrolling in courses, attending seminars, etc.  


Turkey has countless advantages for people moving from the USA. It is a great place to live for those who want to relax and enjoy life. You are sure to find your perfect home here.

Remember that your move to Turkey will be smooth as long as you do your research. 

We hope you found our guide helpful. 

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Visit Turkish Embassy In Washington, D.C, for more information.

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