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9 Tips on Moving to Turkey From the UK

Created : 06 Oct 2022
9 Tips on Moving to Turkey From the UK

By Justin Mays:

Are you thinking of moving to Turkey from the UK? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck since we will provide you with all the crucial information to help you in this process.

Moving to Turkey from the UK is a brilliant decision since Turkey has a large expat community, allowing you to connect with other people from your country and different nationalities. You can make friends early on. It is also the world’s only secular country with a majority Muslim population.

Living in this amazing country can open you to a distinct culture and alluring landscapes. Turkey has much to offer to those moving from the UK, from its vibrant cities to enchanting coastal towns. You won’t regret making this pleasant country your forever home.

So if you’re wondering, “How can I move to Turkey?” Prime Property Turkey has you covered.

Today’s blog will provide you with 9 tips on moving to Turkey from the UK.

1. Learn Some Turkish Before the Move

The national language of Turkey is Turkish. Most of the population (90%) speaks Turkish, but other dialects and languages are spoken in this country. Kurdish and Arabic are two other widely spoken languages. 

It is ideal if you learn certain essential words and phrases before your move, so you don’t have problems communicating when you arrive. 

The most effective way to learn the Turkish language is through taking private lessons from tutors online.

However, Turkey has quite a number of english speakers, especially the younger generation.

2. Know the Costs of Living

The most important tip we can give you is to know the cost of living in the particular city you will be moving to. The main reason is that prices will be different from province to province. 

One thing is for sure the cost of living here is much more affordable than in European countries. 

Turkey is the ideal choice for those moving from the UK because you can find cheap accommodation. Many British expats prefer being here because the charges for transport, fresh groceries, and other resources are more reasonable outside of the tourist resorts.

9 Tips on Moving to Turkey From the UK | Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment

3. Make Arrangements for your Accommodation

There are 34.000 British people living in this country, mainly in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines. Before you move here, you should choose the city or town you want to live in based on your lifestyle.

Turkey is rich with the best real estate options money can buy. British expats, especially, can easily afford modern properties equipped with high-quality facilities to lead the lifestyle of their dreams. 

The most important thing you should do is to connect with a real estate consultant to help you understand what every city in Turkey offers and which one is the most lucrative for you.

While most look to buy a home in Istanbul, Prime Property Turkey offers you a wide array of residential in the sunny and beautiful locations of Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, etc.

4. Understand the Process of Becoming a Resident

If you are only coming here as a tourist from the UK, you can get a short-term visa to live within the country for about 90 days. 

For a more extended stay, you should apply for a residence permit. Other types of permits and visas that UK citizens can acquire include: 

Work Permits

If you get hired in Turkey by a local company, they must apply for a work permit for you to live and work in the country legally. You won't need a residence permit once you have a work permit.

Student Visas

Those wishing to acquire a university education here or enroll in language courses must apply for a student visa.

Family Residence Permit

You can apply for a family residence permit if you have a Turkish spouse.

You can get further information from GOV.UK.

5. Benefit from the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

If you are interested in investing in the local real estate market, you should know that the Turkish government has initiated the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, whereby non-nationals can acquire Turkish citizenship by investment. 

Investing in a minimum of USD 400,000 and not selling it for at least three years can make you eligible for a Turkish passport.

You can read more about Turkey's Citizenship by property investment by visiting

Choose Prime Property Turkey To Help You With Your Real Estate Investment

Connect with us so we can help you in your hunt for your ideal home. At Prime Property turkey, we possess a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate properties from all over the country. 

Our team has the best expertise to help you choose a property that will provide maximum returns.

Moving to Turkey From the UK

6. Take Advantage of the Modern Healthcare Facilities

Since European Health Insurance Cards don’t work here, you must have medical insurance. Turkey is packed with modern government and private hospitals, many of which have English-speaking medical practitioners, so many foreigners come to Turkey to get quality treatment for their medical conditions. 

Your health insurance will allow you to benefit from the top-notch healthcare facilities available.

After a full year of living here, those with a valid residence permit can benefit from the Turkish General Health Insurance Scheme or GSS. 

Find out more about it through our Health Insurance for Foreigners in Turkey blog.

7. Explore Different Employment Options

Multi-lingual and native English-speaking professionals in all the major sectors, such as healthcare, construction, etc., are always high. 

Multi-national companies are popping up regularly across the country, opening opportunities for employment to foreigners. However, a work permit is essential for working in Turkey and is applied for by the employer. 

We have an extensive blog on jobs available in Turkey for foreigners and what you should do to find your perfect job.

8. Enjoy the Affordable & Advanced Transport & Education Facilities

Turkey has world-class transport facilities that will make you never need your own car or hail a taxi. Multiple means of public transport are at your disposal for the lowest prices. 

All the major cities have underground train systems and trams, while minibusses (dolmus) and metro buses are available throughout the country. 

Many foreigners who move to Turkey are interested in enrolling their children in local Turkish schools. These schools offer an outstanding quality of education for little to no charge. However, numerous international school systems teach the British curriculum that expats from the UK prefer to send their children to. 

9. Try the Local Goods

If you are thinking of shipping your belongings and your vehicle to Turkey from the UK, you should know that this will not only be a complete hassle but also cost you more money since you might get taxed.

Instead, you can find brand new high-quality furniture locally and even opt for second-hand goods to save money. 

If you purchase property through us, we can offer you our after-sales services, curated to cater foreign investors that include the best interior designing and getting the quality furniture to furnish or renovate your place according to your taste. 

A Final Word

Moving to Turkey from the UK might prove to be a good choice since it can allow you to experience an entirely different culture. 

Turkish people are welcoming and accepting of foreigners, so when you move here, don’t hesitate to socialize with the locals and interact with the surrounding people. 

It may feel challenging at first, and you might feel homesick, but it gets easier with time. 

We hope you enjoyed our tips on moving to Turkey from the UK. Don’t forget to leave us your comments.

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