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10 Advantages of Buying Property in Istanbul

Created : 22 Sep 2022
10 Advantages of Buying Property in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Many come to Istanbul as foreign tourists and then fall in love with the culture they witness and the experiences they get. One visit to this magical city is sure to win the hearts of the visitors. The history, culture and hospitality of Istanbul are unparalleled. 

Apart from this, the city has a tremendously modern infrastructure with every facility one can think of. 

In recent years, Istanbul has become home to many who moved here from their countries and bought properties to have a better life. 

This beautiful city also made its way to Time Out magazine’s list of the best cities in the world 2022. 

Today’s blog will explain the 10 advantages you can get from buying property in Istanbul, Turkey.

1.Strategic Location

One of the significant benefits of buying a property in Istanbul is the strategic location of Turkey. Surrounded by Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Turkey depends on Istanbul as an entryway to Europe. 

This has made Istanbul a favorite location for domestic and foreign investors to come and purchase properties. Istanbul opens doors of global opportunities for people from around the world. 

Here, you will find whatever you are looking for, whether it be an opportunity to establish a business, network, or invest. 

Because of its diversity and endless opportunities, Istanbul will never let you down.

2. Robust Economy

Istanbul is the center of attention when it comes to trade and commercial activities. Some top IT companies, such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, have their headquarters here. There are also a plethora of international and local banks that cater to a foreign audience. 

There are also countless multinational companies and major industries located here.

Living in Istanbul, you will never face a lack of resources to facilitate your goals.

Istanbul has every kind of property for sale. Investing in this city doesn’t just protect your investment, but ensures guaranteed high returns. 

3. Modern Real Estate & Luxury Properties for Bargain Prices

When it comes to real estate, Istanbul has something for every buyer. The real estate in Istanbul is up to par with international standards. Spanning over Asia and Europe, Istanbul has some desirable districts to invest in that have high potential. Uskudar, Kagithane, Beykoz, Kadikoy, Besiktas, Basaksehir, and Zeytinburnu are the prominent ones that are popular amongst investors.

The luxury properties available in these areas are well-designed with excellent construction. 

You can quickly get the best real estate options for half the cost compared to other European countries. What’s more, there is no compromise on facilities and safety. 

Buying property in Turkey, in general, and Istanbul, in particular, means enjoying top security and comfort without breaking the bank.

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4.Obtain Turkish Nationality

This is a substantial reason why foreigners are purchasing property in Istanbul. The Turkish government has made amendments to real estate investment laws, allowing foreign investors to invest in property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship. 

The investment, however, has to fulfill specific criteria. 

According to Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Program, a foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing at least 400,000 USD in a property in Turkey. In addition, the foreign investor must pledge not to sell this property for three years. 

Some districts in Istanbul have properties worth 75000 USD that can allow you to acquire a residence permit. 

You can read our Turkish Citizenship by Investment In Turkey for more details.

5. Hassle-free Sales Experience

One of the exciting things about owning a property in Istanbul is that there is no chance of a loss if you ever decide to put your property on sale. Istanbul has continuously remained one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to relocate. 

New companies are opening up every year, and various significant projects are initiated. The real estate in Istanbul will only ever skyrocket in value. Needless to say, finding a buyer and selling a property will never be an issue in this ever-evolving city.

6. Cheap Prices & Affordable Living

The affordable lifestyle compared to Europe makes foreign nationals flock to Turkey and have homes here. Foreigners can afford the best of the best because of the ever-changing value of the lira.

The necessities to lead a comfortable life are available at a much lower cost, making Istanbul extremely attractive.

7. Benefit From Complete Ownership 

The Turkish government provides the benefit of full ownership. The property purchased by a foreigner is freehold which means that the foreigner has complete ownership of the entire property.

As an owner, you have the complete liberty to rent or modify your property as per your wishes.

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8. Diversified Investment Opportunities

You get a lot of diversity when it comes to real estate investments in Istanbul. You can purchase commercial properties such as office buildings, shops and warehouses or residential properties such as apartments, holiday homes, villas, etc. 

You can profit from investing in residential properties by renting or reselling them after carrying out some modifications.

Luckily, we have a blog post outlining how to buy property in Istanbul, Turkey, to help you benefit from these opportunities.

9. Access World-class Transport Facilities

If quality facilities are what you are looking for, Istanbul has just what you need and more. 

International Airports

There are three international airports in Istanbul. These are:

    Ataturk International Airport

    New Istanbul Airport

    Sabiha Gokcen Airport 

Transport Facilities

Istanbul also has superb transport facilities, which is why you have several options to choose from: 

    Airport Shuttle Buses.

    Dolmus (minibusses)





10. Education, Health & Other Facilities

When it comes to education, Istanbul is filled with local and international schools that offer top-notch standards of education. Numerous universities offer courses in English all over Istanbul. They are equipped with qualified teaching staff, cafes, libraries, conference halls, etc. 

Studying in Istanbul is a dream many young people have, so millions from different parts of the world enroll in universities here every year.

Istanbul is also religiously diverse, with mosques, churches, and synagogues dotted all over.


Istanbul does not disappoint when it comes to real estate options and high-class facilities. As a property owner in Istanbul, you will have countless options to benefit from your real estate investment. 

Contact Prime Property Turkey and connect with our expert team of consultants to help you explore your options and choose the property that fits your expectations. Our team will ensure that your property purchasing process is smooth and seamless. 

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