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Five Family Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Turkey

Created : 19 Sep 2022
Family Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a culturally rich and vast country that is jam-packed with activities to enjoy for locals and visitors. This country caters to everyone with its picturesque beaches to its modern infrastructure. The cherry on top is that Turkey is super affordable, making it the ideal choice for a massive family vacation. 

Turkey is a clean and safe country with great green spaces, historical locations, holiday homes and much more. There is no shortage of activities in Turkey that visitors can enjoy with their families, making for an exciting family vacation. 

Read our carefully researched guide on five family-friendly activities to enjoy in Turkey to help you plan out your visit better and get the best experience during your stay.

Here is a list of things to do while in Turkey with your family to create unforgettable memories. 


Visit the Many Historical Locations to Be Mesmerized by Turkish History

There are countless structures and locations dotted all over Turkey from the time of the Ottoman Empire and before. These locations are world-famous for their architectural grandeur and magnificent history. 

Visiting these relics of the past with your family is the perfect way to teach your children the extensive history of this mesmerizing country. 

Turkey's attractions and dated locations are a must-visit to have a deeper appreciation of history. These places will tell you stories of those that were here before us.


Located in the Central Aegean part of Turkey, Ephesus was constructed in the 10th century BC. It is an ancient port city, and the ruins of this Greek city are one of the main attractions. 

Ephesus is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In its long history, this city lived through multiple attacks and used to be the commercial center of the time.

Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum is enormous, encompassing several display halls. It displays relics from various ages, from the Neolithic Age to the Ottoman civilization.

This museum is ideal for families because it also features a garden area with a cafe for snacks and a section dedicated to keeping children engaged and piquing their interest in history. 

History lovers will have the time of their lives since the Antalya Museum has a hall filled with ancient statues, the most notable one being that of Alexander the Great.

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Alanya Castle

Our third pick is Alanya Castle. The Alanya Castle is situated to the south of the charming city of Alanya. In the 13th century, Alanya Kalesi, or Alanya Castle was built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. It used to have 400 cisterns, but only a few survive today. 

The inner castle has been converted into a museum that holds many artifacts from that time.

Reaching Alanya Castle is easy since you can take the number 4 bus or any of the many minibusses that go here. 

Topkapi Palace 

One of the main attractions in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. Visiting it will have you captivated by its opulence. It served as the imperial palace for about four centuries and housed the Sultan’s family, his concubines, and courtiers.

You can easily take the tram to visit this palace with your family and have a tour of the Harem, the palace kitchens, and its treasury. 

There are also guides available to explain the history of the palace to visitors. 

Grand Bazaar

Visit the Old Turkish Bazaars for Some Retail Therapy

Turkey is a shopaholic's heaven and home to many dated markets with incredible spices, the finest jewelry, and more. These bazaars are sure to give you a taste of Turkish culture for you and your family. 

Alacatı Antika Pazarı in Izmir

Alacati doesn’t just have pristine beaches and restaurants. It also has the Alacati antique market. This market is an aesthetic paradise with its old cobblestone streets. It is popular among tourists since you can find old and antique goods around Alacati and outside Turkey. 

Kapalıcarsı or Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is gigantic with its many streets. The beauty and details of this historical bazaar will fascinate you. It was built in 1455 and was initially a wooden construction. Today, it is all brick and stone. 

This bazaar is brimming with people daily. While here, you can visit the exquisite lantern shops, take amazing pictures and make memories with your family. 

Safranbolu Carsı in Safranbolu

The Safranbolu Carsı is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well-preserved historical market. There are many wooden homes of Ottoman-style here. This bazaar has much to offer, from saffron to handmade souvenirs and Turkish delight. 

Madam Tussauds Museum

Visit the Madam Tussauds Museum

The Madam Tussauds Museum is situated in Istiklal Avenue and has 60 wax statues of famous figures. These include prominent figures such as the statues of Kamal Ataturk Pasha, Baris Manco, Muslum Gurses, etc.

Visitors can pose with these life-size wax figures and get fun pictures taken.

Adaland Kusadasi Aquapark

Enjoy Water Activites At Adaland Kusadasi Aquapark

Adaland Aquapark in Kusadasi has everything needed to keep the whole family entertained. It has a plethora of water activities you and your family can engage in. This water resort is children-friendly since it has a kid’s pool with floating toys and slides.

Other family-friendly activities include rafting, spending time in the jacuzzi and surfing.

Turkish dessert - Baklava

Don’t Forget to Try The Mouth-watering Turkish Desserts

Once you get tired of exploring, treat your family to some Turkish desserts. 

Turkish desserts have a plethora of flavors to appeal to diverse taste buds. Some of the best ones are:

Turkish Ice Cream

Don’t miss out on buying Turkish ice cream (called Dondurma in Turkish) from local vendors to experience the infamous traditional ice cream pranks. 

This isn’t the only thing that makes Turkish ice cream stand out. Its flavor and texture are quite distinct compared to regular ice cream. It melts slower and has a firm and stretchy texture.


There is also a vast array of Turkish sweets that you can enjoy with your family. Baklava is the most famous one and loved by all. While most only know about pistachio Baklava, there are many flavors to try, such as chocolate baklava, almond baklava, and walnut baklava.

Damla Skizli Muhalleb

Damla Skizli Muhallebi is another delicious dessert made with mastic gum. You can read our blog post to learn about the history and recipe of Damla Sakizli Muhallebi.


Tulumba is also another one to try. Especially popular among kids, Tulumba is very similar to the South-Asian Jalebi. It is deep-fried dough dipped and sugary syrup to give it that succulent taste. 


All-in-all, Turkey has something for everyone. We hope this blog post helped you plan your family vacation to Turkey. Interested in knowing what else Turkey has to offer its visitors? Please read our blog posts on Summer Festivals in Turkey, Kite Surfing in Turkey and Turkey’s Weather and Seasons to know more.

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