Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Consultant When Moving to Turkey
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Why You Should Consider a Consultant When Moving to Turkey

Created : 20 Sep 2022
Turkey Real Estate Consultant

By Justin Mays:

Moving to another country is challenging, but purchasing property is one of the most critical steps of this process. Getting it wrong can cost you more money than if you seek professional help. 

People from around the globe have been moving to Turkey in the last few years. If you’re also considering moving to Turkey, your property will be the most important purchase you make. This is why you should enlist the help of the right people and hire a real estate consultant to help you select the perfect property that suits your needs. 

Today’s blog will explain to you why you should consider a consultant when moving to Turkey.

No Time Wastage

Hiring a real estate consultant when moving to Turkey helps you save time by guiding you during the selection of the property.

As a professional, the real estate consultant helps you narrow down your options and select what works for you.

Resultingly, going with a consultant can prevent you from spending valuable hours searching for properties.

Whether you are an expert investor or just looking to buy a home in Turkey, a real estate consultant can handle all the time-consuming work involved in buying property in Turkey. 

At Prime Property Turkey, our real estate consultants can guide you through every step of the process for a seamless buying experience.

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Lower Investment Risks

The reputation of a professional consultant is mainly dependent on the quality of service they offer and how they guide their clients. 

The consultant is the one who knows all the facts and figures. They know the market trends, price ranges, and what is available within the buyer’s budget. 

Their primary purpose is to give you all the facts about the property and clearly define a project’s flaws, so the buyer is not adversely affected after the purchase. 

For foreigners buying property in Turkey, a consultant can help them know which areas are banned for residence permits and which are still open so that their investment does not go to waste.

At Prime Property Turkey, we aim to educate our buyers by providing them with all the latest laws and information regarding property and investment opportunities in Turkey so they can make informed decisions.

Access Expert Networks 

Real Estate Consultants are always in contact with many professionals in the industry. These include attorneys, contractors, title companies, etc. 

If the buyer needs these professionals' services, the real estate consultant can help him contact the appropriate people to get the job done. 

You don’t need to find any of these professionals by yourself as a buyer. This can help expedite your property buying process.

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No Need to Handle the Paperwork

Whether you are moving to Turkey from the USA or any other country, much paperwork is involved in buying property in Turkey. This can easily overwhelm you, so having a consultant handle all the complicated paperwork can make things manageable. They can also assist you in all matters involving bureaucracy.

By having a consultant by your side, your paperwork will always be complete, and you won't lose precious time and money having to redo anything.

The Prime Property Turkey consultants can help you with all transactions and paperwork and give you all the legal guidance you need to protect yourself from fraud and losses. 

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Benefit From Their Regional Knowledge

A consultant can bring to the table regional expertise that can benefit you immensely. They can connect you with the right construction companies and show you appropriate projects based on your requirements. 

They can break down crucial details and explain to you what the property offers, price-related information and much more. 

It is advisable to have an expert real estate consultant since they can protect you from fraud. Shady contractors in the market won’t be transparent and will hold back essential details. All they want is your money to fund the construction of their projects. 

This can result in the buyer facing significant financial losses in the long run.

Prime Property Turkey’s real estate consultants are equipped with the knowledge to help our buyers connect with reputable contractors and construction companies to ensure they receive optimum value for their money.

Experts in Negotiation

Possessing excellent regional knowledge enables the real estate consultant to negotiate a fair deal for you, depending on the features of the property and your available budget. 

Without a consultant, you won’t be able to negotiate a price effectively. They have top-notch negotiating skills that enable them to prevent you from over-paying for a property and to ensure all your demands are met.

Prime Property Turkey’s consultants have years of experience under their belt. If you come to us to buy a property in Turkey, we can negotiate an attractive discount for you and provide you with unrivalled consultancy services.

Post Sale Guidance

Most buyers assume that once the deal is closed and they have purchased the property, that marks the end of the property buying process. 

The truth is that some legal procedures still need to take place. A buyer won’t have the knowledge to deal with the post-sale procedures. 

A real estate consultant in Turkey can easily help buyers fulfil all post-sale requirements.   

At Prime Property Turkey, our exceptional post-sale guidance and after-sale services are what separate us from the rest of the market. 


Hiring a real estate consultant when moving to Turkey might seem like an extra expense, but it pays off in the long run. You can access countless benefits and protect the future of your investment. 

Prime Property Turkey has curated its services to meet every client's individual needs. Hire us now so we can help you do it the right way.

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