All you need to know about buying a villa in Turkey
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Buy a Villa in Turkey- What You Need to Know

Created : 15 Sep 2022
villa in turkey

By Justin Mays:

You might believe that purchasing a villa in Turkey entails a lot of hassle, paperwork, and time. But it is simple. Foreign buyers occasionally experience anxiety because they want to spend money in a country unfamiliar with the villa-buying process. However, from Turkish Riviera villas in the Mediterranean to villas in beautiful alpine surroundings, you can find exactly what you are looking for.  

Buying a Villa in Turkey: Is It Safe? 

Yes, if villa buyers abide by legal advice, it is safe to buy a villa in Turkey. Due to shady dealers in the past, Turkey received negative evaluations. Foreign buyers have not always had a favorable opinion of Turkey's villa market. Occasionally reading about fraud, scams, and other problems has in the past scared some potential buyers away. 

The good news is that the Turkish government has tightened controls to protect consumers and stop villa market fraud because of an increase in foreign investment. Therefore, Turkey's government made purchasing more effortless and more accessible for foreigners so they could obtain title deeds more quickly to restore their reputation.  

Use only established, respected agents. They ought to provide evidence of clients who have obtained title deeds successfully and put you in touch with them so you may ask for references. Examine their web presence as well. Reputable agents are well-known on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to having a website.  

Modernist villas versus refurbishment projects

Since laws were altered to reinforce structural foundations in 2002, many villa purchasers in Turkey chose villas constructed after that year. Some customers occasionally fantasize about purchasing an old, dilapidated villa to renovate. But this poor investment necessitates so much structural work, and expenses hardly ever increase the value of properties. Starting a villa project from the beginning will result in a more accessible and affordable procedure. 

How to Purchase a Villa

Turkey offers a wide variety of sunny coastal resorts, charming rural locations, and vibrant cities. Whether you are searching for a vacation villa, retirement villa, or cozy villa in the middle of the city, you should consider where you want to buy your estate. 

Establish your budget first. Include other buying expenses like taxes, a solicitor, a translator, and a notary, which account for about 8% of the purchase price. Once finished, make a detailed list of your requirements for a villa. The number of bedrooms, baths, beachfront location, and nearby conveniences like grocery stores, banks, and transportation systems should all be considered. 

Where to buy a villa in Turkey 

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most well-liked cities for foreigners. Despite being understandably not the most affordable place to shop, it is well connected and bursting with food, culture, and history.

  •  Antalya

The second most preferred location for most foreign villa buyers is Antalya, which has affordable real estate costs. It may make a good choice for vacation rentals because of its large expat community and high tourist traffic.

  •  Alanya

 Another choice is to purchase a villa in Alanya, the "Pearl of the Turkish Riviera," located just up the coast.

  •  Fethiye

Many Britons reside in Fethiye, which provides stunning coastal scenery, first-rate beaches, reasonably priced villas, and a taste of traditional Turkish life. However, if you purchase a villa to live in, you might discover that this well-liked vacation destination is too quiet in the winter.

  • Bodrum

The fashionable Bodrum, a resort town on Turkey's southwest coast, is great for visitors seeking a taste of luxury. However, it also contains several charming fishing towns. The cost of villas in this area is not the lowest in the nation, but there are options for most budgets.

  •  Bursa

Just one hour's drive from Istanbul, Bursa is the place to go if you want to find a deal. The city has affordable villas, fascinating historical attractions, stunning mountains, lush parks, and hot baths.

  • Ankara

If you are looking for city life but find Istanbul villas too pricey, Ankara can be a good alternative. The capital of Turkey is ideal for working expats and international business owners because it contains all the stores, eateries, and activities you could want.

What is the typical price of a villa in Turkey?

The crucial question is now: how much would a house in Turkey set you back? Although property prices in Turkey are far less than those in the UK, it depends much on what you buy and where. For instance, the average cost per square meter to purchase a villa in Turkey's city center is just 897 USD. The price of Villas in Turkey is impacted by:

  • Location (Expensive villas with access to the sea, as well as located in large cities and

    the most picturesque and quiet places)

  • The size of the villa and the social facilities nearby

  • The availability of ready-to-move villas.

You can locate a villa on the resale market that does not require changes and is far less expensive than new villas.  

Final word 

It is crucial to investigate the market and what is accessible initially. Learn about the area and ask other expats for recommendations.

A trustworthy estate agent is essential. Avoid purchasing a villa from a welcoming local you met in a store or cafe. To safely buy a villa in Turkey, you must have the most significant legal representation possible for your protection.

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