Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment
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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Created : 27 Dec 2022

The Turkish government has recently made changes to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, by changing the minimum amount of investment from $250,000 USD to $400,000 USD in Turkish Real Estate.
The changes have been implemented as continued growth and interest in buying property in Turkey has doubled over the past few years.
Buyers from countries such as US, Canada, UK, UAE, Israel, India, Pakistan, China, and Russia have continued to favor the Turkish Citizenship program over other investment opportunities due to its affordability and ease of doing business.
Additionally, the past year has seen Turkish properties bring growth returns in some cases up to 400%.
While we know the Turkish Real Estate market has been growing alongside the North American and European markets over the past 12 months, Turkey has continually seen surging ROI (Return on Investment) and interest.
Lastly, due to the housing demand and lack of available rental units, clients have experienced higher than average rental returns exceeding upwards of 8% per-annum in many cases.

Please have a look at our Citizenship by Investment page for more program specifics and details here: Citizenship By Investment In Turkey

This episode was filmed in Prime Property Turkey’s Istanbul office and is presented by Justin Mays , Co-founder of Prime Property Turkey.
Justin gives you the basic tips for a safe and secure purchase, as well as including Rules, Regulations, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documentation and some of the pitfalls when buying a property with Turkish Citizenship as the main priority.