Must-have Mobile Applications to Use in Istanbul
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Must-have Mobile Applications to Use in Istanbul

Created : 15 Jul 2022
applications to use in Istanbul

By Justin Mays: 

Istanbul is an exciting place to live and also to visit. Many mobile applications are available to help you manage your day-to-day without the hustle. These Apps are helpful to tourists, ex-pats, and residents alike. In this blog, we will touch on some Most Useful Apps to Use in Turkey if you live in Istanbul or plan to visit the city. 

Google Translate

Google translate helps you understand the native and ask them whether you are asking for a price, a menu in a restaurant, or different specifications where ever you might find yourself. With this application, you can translate up to 109 languages, and you have to select the language you wish to use and the one you want your text to be translated. 

Istanbul Kart

Whether you prefer to use the metro bus or the train, an Istanbul Kart is a must-have. You must preload your card at Biletmatikim, the vending machines at train and bus stations. One trip cost 7.67 TL for both the metro and the Metrobus. However, it costs cheaper for students who study in Turkey. Downloading the Istanbul Kart helps you load your card via your bank, load other people’s cards, track your balance and learn about discounts. There are various types of metro cards: anonymous cards that anyone can use without registering the card, discount cards for students, teachers, and people over 60 years, free cards, and limited use cards. Istanbul kart application helps you to find out how you can load your card and points to load it near you. 


Mobiett application by the municipality of Istanbul is designed to make navigation in the city easy. Those with the Mobiett application know the metro or metro line schedule, the stops, matrix code, and live bus data. The application is in English, Turkish, Spain, Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. 


Isbike is a bicycle rental system supported by the municipality of Istanbul. To rent the bike monthly, download the application on google play or apple store and fill out the membership application process. When you leave the bike at a parking lot, ensure the bike is locked for safe keeping, or your Isbike membership will be terminated. Isbike supports healthy living and environmentally friendly transportation. 

Marti Scooter and Moped

This application, also known as a seagull, is an electronic scooter rental application that is eco-friendly and easy to use. Marti gives a cheap traveling experience around the city with a tracking system. Download the application, scan the QR code of the scooter, obey the traffic rules and enjoy your ride.  


This application is designed to ensure safe travel and comfort for passengers in Istanbul. The driver and passenger are guaranteed safety, and an agreement of destination is agreed upon before the journey commences, so there will be no confusion during the trip. 


Yemeksepeti is one of the most convenient food and grocery delivery services in Turkey, and thousands of people use it daily to order food at school, work, home, or wherever they might be. It is in partnership with more than 50.000 restaurants where you can choose from various food items. This application informs you of the time you will receive your order after confirming your payment method and address. 


If you like nightlife and wondering what is happening around you tonight, BUGECE is the exact solution. Using BUGECE App, it is much easier to explore the daily musical events around you; purchase tickets; share your memories & more.

Right person, right music! BUGECE's aim is to contribute to Istanbul’s nightlife as much as possible by providing a reliable, honest and friendly social nightlife platform.

There are many other applications that you can download to make your life in Istanbul more accessible, which include Getir, IBB Ceptrafik, Sesli Sozlk, and various other applications. Find out more on how to make your stay in Istanbul worthwhile and maximize the advantages of using these applications.

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