Living in Turkey as a Digital Nomad | Working Remotely in Turkey
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Living in Turkey as a Digital Nomad

Created : 29 Sep 2022
Living in Turkey as a Digital Nomad

By Justin Mays:

Every year, millions of tourists fly to Turkey to experience the blend of Islamic traditions and modern life. However, Turkey is no longer just a holiday destination for those who want a family vacation in the summer. 

People who work remotely or earn through freelancing also move here to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the easy-going lifestyle. 

The flexible digital nomad lifestyle and freedom to roam around have made the work-from-home setup more appealing to people. More and more people are working as freelancers, and we are now seeing global companies allow their employees to work remotely. 

Turkey is just the place for you if you are also a digital nomad and on the hunt for a destination that promises a favorable climate and stunning views.

In today’s blog, we explain to you everything about living in Turkey as a digital nomad.

How to Live in Turkey as a Digital Nomad

Turkey offers the ideal conditions for digital nomads to work here and simultaneously enjoy the vibrant local culture. However, there is no particular visa that a digital nomad can possess to live and work here. 

A tourist visa will suffice if you do not want to stay too long. It can allow you to stay in Turkey for up to 3 months. But if you want to stay for a long time, you will need to get a residence permit. 

Once it expires, the residence permit will require renewal. 

Note: Digital nomads are not required to possess a work permit as long as they work for clients from outside Turkey and receive their income in their bank account in their native country.

Having a work permit becomes necessary if you decide to work with Turkish companies and clients and receive payment for your services. Not having a work permit may result in deportation

Living in Turkey as a digital nomad

Why You Should Choose Turkey to Live in as a Digital Nomad

Turkey is one of the few countries that attracts a significant number of tourists because of its sunny weather and lively atmosphere. 

In addition, Turkey is highly multi-cultural, with many ancient sites for people to visit. Living in Turkey as a digital nomad is the best decision one can make for a few reasons. 

Work From Anywhere

Working as a digital nomad in Turkey is stress-free because there are restaurants, cafes, and parks everywhere. You can practically go anywhere with your laptop and work.

Additionally, you should not limit yourself to your typical Starbucks since there are many local cafes to work from. 

High-Speed Internet

You can get free and fast wi-fi almost everywhere in Turkey. You get Wi-Fi at bus stops, restaurants, cafes, and train stations.

Excellent Coworking Spaces

You can find top-notch coworking spaces. There are highly equipped offices that cater to digital nomads all over Turkey. You get the advantage of working in an office at your own hours and enjoy every facility you need without the hassle of having an office in your home.

Working at a coworking space lets you engage with other digital nomads and enjoy a sense of community while working remotely.

Safety & Low-cost Lifestyle

You will be glad to know that Turkey is a digital nomad-friendly country regarding safety. 

All you have to do is take your usual precautions and keep your valuables close. 

Moreover, the cost of living here is incredibly affordable for those earning their income in USD and Euros. 

If you are a digital nomad working with international clients that pay you in foreign currency, your money will go a long way.

Working remotely in Turkey | Turkey citizenship by property investment

Best Cities to Live In Turkey as a Digital Nomad 

Turkey has a lot to offer to those who move here to live as digital nomads. The kind of natural beauty you find here is unmatched. Every part of Turkey has its own distinct feel and ambiance.

Some of the best cities for working remotely in Turkey include:


Istanbul occupies a unique location and spreads across Asia and Europe. The presence of a diverse population makes Istanbul one of the best cities for digital nomads. It has become home to people from many different nationalities. 

In addition, there are historical sites scattered all over the city. It holds an important port and possesses all kinds of neighborhoods, from highly conservative ones to even ones that support a more liberal lifestyle.

With a diversified real estate sector, Istanbul can offer you any kind of accommodation, whether a modern apartment or a luxury villa.   


Ankara is the capital city and is located in the heart of Turkey. This is where all the ministers reside and embassies are located. 

Digital nomads can have an even more affordable life here compared to Istanbul. This is a highly developed city with an impressive infrastructure and a massive business district. 


Antalya is a beautiful beach town that has become the go-to destination for many Europeans. Just like Istanbul and Ankara, Antalya has fantastic infrastructure. However, you won’t get the same bustling big-city vibes here. 

Antalya is best for people on a budget who want to enjoy the sunny weather and relaxed holiday vibes. You can get an apartment for cheap here or rent a room in a hostel.

You Can Acquire Citizenship Through Investment 

Foreigners interested in buying property in Turkey can acquire citizenship by investment. This can be done by investing at least USD 400.000 in real estate property.

Taking advantage from this program can give you the peace of mind that you won’t need to renew your residence permit anymore. 

Read more about our blog on Buy Property in Turkey & Get Citizenship to know more about this program. 


By living in Turkey as a digital nomad, you can live and enjoy your life to the fullest by exploring the dynamic culture instead of limiting yourself to a dull office environment. 

You can choose to live in the cosmopolitan or smaller cities and enjoy the local hospitality and incredible cuisine. One thing is for sure, the experiences you get here will make you want to never leave!

If you are considering investing in Turkish real estate, get connected with us so we can offer you expert advice and ensure you get the highest value for your money!

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