reasons to get deported in Turkey
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Deportation Reasons in Turkey

Created : 29 Aug 2022

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a welcoming country that is loved by tourists and expats alike. Its favorable laws have made it possible for many to move to Turkey due to its good living standards. 

The country has several laws protecting its citizens and the country. That being said, there are laws that one should comply with when one wants to enter and reside in the country to avoid paying fines or deportation.

The documents required to enter Turkey are:

-A valid passport.

- Visa.

- Accommodation reservation.

- Reasons for entry.

- Funds to support oneself during their time in the country.

This blog will shed light on the deportation of foreigners in Turkey, how to avoid the entry ban and how to apply for asylum in Turkey.  

In Turkey, the Ministry of International Affairs is responsible for the deportation and uses Law No. 6458 on foreigners and international protection.


Reasons for Deportation from Turkey

- When an individual submits false documents during entry (Law 56 on Foreigners and International Protection)

- Enters Turkey despite an entry ban Turkey

- Has overstayed their visa for more than ten days

- If one benefits from a criminal organization, making a living through illegitimate means, or is a supporter or a member of a terrorist group

- Working in Turkey without a work permit

- Threat to public health and public security

- When one's residence permit is canceled

- Failure to leave Turkey within ten days when a residence permit renewal application has been refused.


Deportation Process in Turkey

The governor's office is responsible for processing the deportation of the person in question. Deportation is only done after a thorough check of the individual's documents. Checked details include the reasons listed above and

-If there is a risk of escape or disappearance

- If they violate the rules of entry or exit to Turkey

- Does not exit Turkey within the time stipulated time.

When everything is thoroughly checked, the foreign national is given the number of days they should leave the country. If the foreign national waiting to leave Turkey does not use fake documents and does not violate the rules of legal entry or exit, they may be given up to 30 days to leave the country using an exit permit.

If one is summoned to be deported, they can approach a legal team and go against the deportation decision within 15 days. The person can stay in Turkey until the court brings the verdict. The court's decision is expected within 15 days and whatever the court says is final.

Where is the Visa Violation Penalty Paid in Turkey?

In Turkey, the visa violation penalty is paid at visa violation offices at airports with international terminals. The amount charged for visa violation penalty is calculated according to the days a foreigner's visa, or residence permit expires. To avoid the deportation penalty, a visa violation penalty must be paid when exiting Turkey. Foreigners must seek professional advice to avoid a long-term entry ban.

Can I Pay My Visa Violation Penalty Without Exit from Turkey?

A Visa violation penalty is paid when exiting the country. If one exits without paying, a ban on entry to Turkey will be issued for those people for five years.


Applying for Asylum in Turkey

An asylum seeker is someone who leaves their own country to seek protection in another country. Reasons for leaving can be fear of persecution and other violations of human rights. Turkey has a law that protects foreign nationals called Foreign and International Protection (2013) and Temporary Protection Regulation (2014). The country believes everyone has the right to seek asylum, according to the UN Refugee Agency Turkiye (UNHCR). 

Currently, Turkey has the highest number of refugees in the world, with 3.7 million Syrians under temporary protection and over 320,000 refugees and asylum-seekers under international protection.

Turkish law protects those who cannot return to their home countries for fear of being persecuted because of their nationality, gender, religion, political opinion, armed conflict, and race.


How to Register for Asylum in Turkey

You must approach UNHCR's Registration Center in Ankara to register for asylum. A Turkish NGO that manages it is called ASAM-SGDD. Upon arrival, you will be asked reasons for leaving your country of origin and more questions about your identity before registering in their system. After answering the above questions about why you do not wish to return to your country, DGMM will also consider issues and reasons why some have fled the country before. 

The DGMM will evaluate all available information regarding the general situation prevailing in your country of origin and problems encountered by individuals of a profile similar to yours. If you have a family, the decision will be the same for all family members. The answer for the application might take up to six months or more. During their stay, applicants will be given an International Protection ID number, granting them services and rights in Turkey. 

If the decision is favorable, the individual will stay in Turkey without deportation. However, if it comes back negative, you can appeal to the International Protection Evaluation Commission (IPEC) within ten days. Failure to do so will result in claiming the negative outcome of the final decision.

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