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5 Best Cities to Buy Property in Turkey

Created : 26 Sep 2022
5 Best Cities to Buy Property in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Since the recent boom in the real estate sector in Turkey, many have decided to invest here. Some want to relocate, while others have made Turkey their all time holiday destination. 

When buying property in Turkey, there are many things one must consider before making a choice. These include things like budget, lifestyle, etc. 

What’s interesting about Turkey is that the real estate sector here has everything to meet the diverse demands of all investors. If you are an investor interested in buying property in Turkey but have trouble deciding where, we have you covered.

Today’s blog will help you discover the 5 best cities to buy property in Turkey that will offer high profitability. 


When talking about real estate in Turkey, we cannot overlook the value of Istanbul and the diversity of its market. It is the number one destination that comes to the mind of most foreigners that are thinking of investing in Turkey. 

As a result, Istanbul made the most real estate sales to foreign investors in 2020. 

One of the main reasons Istanbul has been the city with a record number of investments by foreigners is the presence of an abundance of commercial and residential properties. Whether it is domestic or foreign sales, Istanbul is the market leader.

In addition to having a vast real estate market, Istanbul also has a large number of tourist attractions and also is a commercial center which makes it attractive to foreign investors. 

Istanbul also hosts the highest number of foreigners, especially Europeans. This means that no matter what type of property one invests in, there is a guaranteed rental income. 

The recently opened Istanbul Airport and other advanced developments in Istanbul and the presence of a variety of liberal and conservative neighborhoods make it the best city to invest in for those looking to enjoy an urban lifestyle.


Our next pick is Antalya, with a significant real estate market that is second to Istanbul in foreign investments and is popular among nationalities such as Germans, Russians, and Iranians.

Its fame as an international sea resort is why many come here to invest. Foreigners initially come here as tourists looking for a relaxing holiday, but the lavish properties coupled with the beach-side views make them want to explore the real estate market here and buy properties in Antalya.

The mild winters, highly developed transport system, hospitality and amazing shopping locations make Antalya worth it for foreign expats to live here throughout the year.

Antalya has airports, luxury hotels, and holiday resorts, making it perfect for foreign buyers to earn rental revenue here as the price of apartments has skyrocketed in the last year.  


Fethiye is the third one on our list because of its flourishing tourism. The beauty of its magnificent landscape and its warm weather has made it the most preferred destination for the British (expats and investors). The real estate here is still relatively low-priced. This, coupled with the eye-catching views Fethiye serves, added to its popularity among investors. 

With unlimited tourist attractions, cruise rides, and sophisticated apartments and villas, the Fethiye region promises a life full of luxury. Districts such as Hisaronu and Ovacik have risen in popularity among foreign investors because of the availability of modern real estate, quiet lifestyle and spectacular views.   

Buy Property in Turkey: Ankara


Ankara occupies a crucial position when it comes to politics since it is the capital of Turkey. It also has the second largest population in Turkey. 

Over the years, many expats have settled in this bustling city because of its nightlife and high living standards. 

This city has made it to our list of best cities to buy property in Turkey because of its impressive real estate inventory. Both Turks and foreign buyers prefer Ankara because of the high volume of properties. 

It has a wide selection of freshly built residential complexes and commercial properties. Regardless of type, the properties here have excellent on-site services and facilities. 

Some of the leading educational institutions and major companies are located here, creating a demand for housing. This has made Ankara a fine choice for those who are on the lookout to buy an apartment to earn rental income.



Trabzon is our last pick. It is located in the northeast of Turkey, and here you get the natural beauty of the Black Sea region. It truly is a heaven for nature-lovers and those that look for adventure with its lush green mountains and natural parks.

Trabzon is also the best place to buy property for those who seek an escape from the hectic city life and are in search of tranquility. 

What makes it even better is the fact that it offers a much more affordable lifestyle. You don’t need a lot to enjoy the best of the best here. 

Many foreign families prefer Trabzon to buy a property and live in since it offers safety and a lot of facilities for children. 

In Trabzon, you can easily find residential properties equipped with playgrounds for children, gyms, swimming pools, etc. Many major companies, such as energy companies, are located here. Investing in Trabzon will quickly open up the most lucrative industrial and commercial business opportunities for foreigners.


Turkey has become famous among foreign nationals since it offers many the lifestyles of their dreams. We hope our blog on the 5 best cities to buy property in Turkey helped you know more about these cities and their real estate potential. 

Whichever city you choose to invest in will depend on your goal as an investor. Ultimately, it would be best if you settled for a city that meets your requirement and will give the best return.

Additionally, you can now buy a property in Turkey that gives you the opportunity to become a Turkish citizen via the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program.

Foreigners buying property in Turkey for the first time can go through our detailed buyer guide to understand the process.

At Prime Property Turkey, we do our best to guide our clients, so they make the best decision. 

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