Being a digital nomad in Turkey

Being a digital nomad in Turkey

Created : 17 May 2022

By Justin Mays: 

Do you dream of being able to earn a living while having the freedom to travel whenever you would like? If so, it might be time to consider picking up the digital nomad lifestyle. Things to consider when seeking the perfect home for this lifestyle are the legal right to stay in the country, ease of living, broadband infrastructure, and cost of living.

Turkey ranks high on all four of these working conditions for digital nomads.

What Is the Cost of Living in Turkey for Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads should first research the cost of living at their destination. Consider some of the comparatively low costs of living in Turkey in USD; on average, a monthly internet connection is $8.00, a coffee in a local café is $2.00, and prepaid packages on local carriers like Turkcell can run under $10.00 monthly for substantial texts, internet GB and talking minutes.

Healthcare & Insurance

As earlier blog posts have explained, health care and insurance options are fantastic and affordable. Food is fresh, and there are many markets and grocery stores, and it is much cheaper to eat out at quality establishments than in other European cities if you don’t like to cook at home! 


Transportation is affordable and convenient, with one-way flights around the country on the leading carrier, Turkish Airlines, costing $50.00 on average.

Facilities for digital nomads | Being a digital nomad in Turkey

Internet Accessibility

Access to reliable internet is crucial to remote work. Turkey has made some remarkable improvements to its broadband infrastructure. 

According to the country’s Transport and Infrastructure Minister, as of February 2022, the data rate in mobile broadband has been recorded as 31.43 Mbps, while the world average was 29.55 Mbps - this is an increase of 65 percent in a year, reaching 44,77 Mbps. 

Turkey’s fiber infrastructure length has increased to 455,000 kilometers and with increasing investments, is expected to far surpass the world’s average.

Visa Options for Digital Nomads

There is no specific visa for digital nomads to Turkey. However, depending on their nationality, foreigners can apply for an e-visa and stay for three months, while many foreign nationals have the option to enter visa-free and even stay up to six months. 

If you are not working with Turkish businesses, getting a residency permit is also cost-effective and relatively straightforward and will allow you to stay for a year.

What Are the Best Places to Be for Digital Nomads in Turkey?

It should be an easy decision to choose Turkey, but where should one go while here? 


Istanbul with its many cafes, is a favorite spot for digital nomads. In neighborhoods like Cihangir, the coffee shops are often full of remote workers, and there are businesses offering co-working spaces.

Other Major Cities 

Larger cities like Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, and Antalya will also offer many similar amenities to Istanbul. The beauty of the nomadic lifestyle is the ability to work from anywhere while exploring. Turkey’s gorgeous coast and spots like Cappadocia and the Black Sea are some places you can visit.


In a world where more people are opting out of traditional work settings, being a digital nomad is a popular new lifestyle. Where you live matters, and budget-friendly Turkey, with its stable internet connectivity and no lack of beautiful spots to explore, is an ideal spot to experience the digital nomad lifestyle.

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