Culture in Turkey: The Ultimate Guide
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Culture in Turkey: All You Need to Know

Created : 03 Jan 2023
Culture in Turkey: All You Need to Know

By Justin Mays:

Every country has its own distinct culture and traditions that make it unique. What makes Turkish culture special is that it has influences from different regions and carries Caucasian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern elements. The culture of Turkey dates back as far as the Ottoman Empire and has gone through many changes and become what it is today. Ultimately, Islamic traditions are at the heart of the local culture. 

So if you are considering moving to Turkey, this article can help you a lot since we will be breaking doing Turkish culture and sharing everything you should know about it. Say tuned!

The Typical Turkish Lifestyle

Turkey sits in Eurasia, and its geographical location makes it a neighbor to European countries and a gateway to Asia in the Middle East. Its location, which spread across Europe and Asia, has influenced the lifestyle of the Turkish people, resulting in the local lifestyle becoming a mix of the East and West, incorporating elements of both traditionalism and modernism. 

The civilizations that passed through this region have made the local population incredibly diverse and dynamic. 

The Turkish People

Turkish people are known to be the warmest and friendliest people anyone could encounter, and when it comes to being social, Turkish people are at the forefront. They love to meet different people and are generally welcoming. You can always depend on Turkish people to help you when you’re stuck in a situation.

They also love to talk and pick a conversation with anyone they meet. What’s interesting is that many Turkish people are multi-lingual and can speak languages such as Arabic, Farsi and German.  

Turkish people also give the utmost importance to relationships and value friendships. Furthermore, cleanliness is valued by the local people, and they put a lot of effort into their outer appearance. They're also extremely curious about foreigners and don’t shy away from asking questions. They will establish connections with any newcomer in the neighborhood and becomes friends with that person in no time.

The Culture of Bargaining

Bargaining occupies a massive place in Turkish culture. You will never see a Turk buy without haggling when making a purchase. So, make sure to bargain on your next trip to the Grand Bazaar. 

Gift Giving in Turkish Culture

Turks are gift-givers and love to shower the people they love with presents regularly. They usually celebrate good news by giving gifts, so as a foreigner, you will notice you will be offered gifts for even visiting a Turk. However, if a Turk offers you a gift, it is better to accept it, as refusing it could offend that person. 

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Turkish Tea | Culture in Turkey

The Value of Turkish Tea & Coffee

Tea is integral to Turkish culture and is part of every interaction, whether it be a business meeting, a visit to someone’s home, a meet-up with a friend, or closing a sale. If you plan to visit Turkey, expect to be offered Turkish tea or coffee everywhere you go. After a hearty meal at a Turkish restaurant, tea is often served and is free of cost. 

Turkish people simply cannot start their day without at least one cup of piping hot tea alongside their Kahvalti (breakfast). 

On the other hand, the famed Turkish coffee (or kahve) has been a part of Turkish culture since the times of the Ottoman Empire and is distinct for its strong aroma and thickness. The Turkish kahvalti is usually followed by a cup of kahve served in small ceramic cups. It also enjoys an important place in marriage traditions since it is consumed during engagements and served by the bride-to-be to her soon-to-be husband. 

Turkish Breakfast | Culture in Turkey

Turkish Breakfast

Speaking of Turkish coffee, the traditional Turkish breakfast is unlike any other. It is a vibrant mix of greens, eggs, cheese, bread and sausage. Jams and spread are in abundance, including molasses and hazelnut spreads. 

Turkish people like to come together as friends and family and enjoy Turkish breakfast with tea on the side. 

The Turkish Bath (Hammam)

The Turkish bath is a steam bath. A massive steam room with a marble interior, the Turkish hammam usually has high ceilings and is visited by locals as a place to rejuvenate and cleanse. People go to Turkish hammams to get their bodies rubbed and exfoliated to remove the dead skin and even enjoy relaxing body massages. The hammam culture has been in Turkey since the Roman empire. Many historical hammams are located all over Turkey, many of which are frequented by tourists to have a taste of Turkish culture. 

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Charity in Turkey

Turkey is known worldwide for its philanthropy. It is usually one of the first countries to send help in case of a calamity in any part of the world. The Turkish people are some of the most charitable in helping the needy and supporting the less fortunate. 

The local people watch out for others and are ready to lend any help. Turkish NGOs also travel the world and extend humanitarian assistance to countries that need it.

Want to Start Your New Life in Turkey?

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