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7 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Turkey

Created : 14 Nov 2022
7 Things you Must Know Before Moving to Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a country rich in culture and a history that stretches across civilizations and empires. Once foreigners visit Turkey and get a taste of its magnificent past, breathtaking natural beauty and comfortable weather, they don’t want to go back. 

If you are captivated by this lovely country and planning on moving to Turkey, we have compiled a guide of everything you must know before moving to Turkey to ease this task for you:

A Transcontinental Country

Turkey is the only country situated in Asia and Europe, giving its residents the benefit of accessing Asian, European and Middle-eastern markets. It has borders with eight different countries, including Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq and Iran. 

The dynamics of this glorious country are incredibly diverse since different nationalities and ethnicities inhabit it. 

While many think “Istanbul” when they hear the name “Turkey,” it is Ankara that is the capital city with a population of 5.663 million.

Turkey also does not have an official religion though most of the population is Muslim. 

Moving to Turkey

Turkish Culture 

The traditional culture can be seen more in rural areas where Turkish people eat on floor tables while the Turks living in big cities have become modernized. Additionally, Turks make for loyal friends and love to assist even strangers. Not only this, but Turks are also highly charitable and humble and respectful in their treatment of other human beings.  

Turkish hospitality is genuinely matchless, and they are known to respect and welcome their guests with open arms. 

When visiting a Turkish household, make sure to wear a fresh pair of socks since you will be expected to remove your shoes while indoors. Furthermore, it is always a good idea not to go empty-handed and take something sweet for your hosts. You can also thank your hosts by saying “Elinize Sağlık” to them, which literally means  "health to your hand".

Turkish Lifestyle & Facilities

Major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, etc., are much more affordable than European ones such as London or Paris. The transport facilities are abundant and on par with international standards while being super cheap. Locals can benefit from many transport options, including minibusses, metro buses, etc. People living in Istanbul also use ferries to ditch the Bosphorus bridge congestion and enjoy a relaxing ride with stunning views. 

In addition to that, food products and groceries are of superior quality and cost much less. The local markets are sprawled all over the cities, offering locals some of the freshest fruit, vegetables and dairy products. 

Let’s not miss out on the lip-smacking Turkish cuisine with its vibrant colors and diverse flavors influenced by centuries-old empires. In fact, every region in Turkey has its own cuisines, for instance, Bursa’s Iskender Kebap and Erzurum’s Cag Kebap. 

Moving to Turkey | Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment

Permits & Residence

For all those who want to stay in Turkey, doing the right paperwork and acquiring a residence permit is crucial. If you arrive in Turkey with a 90-day visa but want to live for much longer, the next step is to apply for a short-term residence permit. Check out our blog on Short-term Residency in Turkey to know more. 

Those looking to make Turkey their forever home can invest at least USD 400,000 in Turkish real estate and qualify for Turkey Citizenship By Property Investment Program

You can also read more about the permits for foreigners by checking out our Types of Turkish Residence Permits blog. 

Opening A Bank Account 

Opening a bank account is a smooth process and only takes a few weeks. Expats only require a couple of documents, including identification, tax number, and residency permit (not always required).

Some of the best banks for expats include Turkiye Is Bankasi, and HSBC, which have branches all over the country. 

Further Reading: Opening a Bank Account as a Foreigner in Turkey

Using Foreign Phones in Turkey

Some expats wish to keep the old phones they purchased from their home countries when they move, so they have to register their phones in Turkey to continue using them. 

Finding Accommodation

You can find the ideal accommodation for you and your family in Turkey. Purchasing Turkish residential real estate has become the most practical option for expats looking to start a new life in Turkey. Homebuyers can find everything from houses, villas, flats, apartments, mansions, etc. 

Prime Property Turkey has the best multi-lingual real estate consultants in the market to help its clients buy apartments for sale in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. 

And that’s not all. We also offer a wide range of after-sales services to cater to our clientele's every need.  

All-in-all, Turkey is a secure option for foreigners to come and experience a diverse culture and enjoy a low-cost and relaxed lifestyle. 

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