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Guide to Finding Your Perfect Turkish Family Home

Created : 09 Jan 2023
Guide to Finding Your Perfect Turkish Family Home

By Justin Mays:

Turkey's magnificent nature and enjoyable climate have made it one of the top choices for expats to settle down and spend their lives. While many retired expats prefer to move to Turkey to spend their retirement funds, many foreigners also move to this country with their families because of the stunning Turkish residential real estate, prominent educational institutions, and fantastic healthcare. 

For those moving to Turkey with their families, taking the big step to explore the Turkish real estate market and buying a home might seem complicated, but our guide can help you make a great purchase. The below steps for finding your perfect Turkish family home will make it easy to spot the property that will meet your family’s needs and increase in value over time. So let’s have a look!

Research the Property Market

Viewing Turkish homes without any prior research will only take up your valuable time and result in you being unsatisfied and not finding the right home that meets your requirements. Research is key to making the best property purchase. Now there are a few ways you can do this as a home buyer. You can visit websites like sahibinden to help you get an idea of what the residential property market has and the rates of homes. This website can allow you to find a home to rent or buy in any city or district in the country. 

Another way is to work with a real estate consultant. This method can be highly effective if you take the time to explain to your consultant your budget, how many bedrooms you need, whether you prefer a home in a bustling location or the suburbs, and what your preferred locations are, etc. All this information will help your consultant give you excellent recommendations so you can view properties that meet your criteria instead of wasting time visiting properties that don’t have what you are looking for. 

Our company has multilingual real estate consultants who know the Turkish property market inside out and can take you on visits to different projects.

Guide to Finding Your Perfect Turkish Family Home

Explore Different Neighborhoods & Choose a Location

Selecting a safe and secure location for your family to live in is the most crucial step in looking for a home. Look up the different schools in the area, and visit them in person, if possible. The availability of a reliable transportation network is also essential so you and your family can travel anywhere without any problems. 

Exploring what amenities are available in the area is vital since children need different options for entertainment. Check to see if there are green spaces nearby for the children to spend time in. A home with a garden space will be the best choice for your family since it will be spacious enough for your children to run around and play and accommodate gatherings and parties. 

Select the Right Size Home

You want to ensure that the home you buy and settle in should be big enough to hold your family, especially if your family is still growing. Make sure the house you go for has adequate rooms, so you and your family don’t feel cramped and can stay there long-term. Once you have bought your home, you can optimize your space by purchasing module furniture. 

One of the services Prime Property Turkey offers is after-sales services that include helping you decorate and furnish your newly purchased space to personalize and make the best of it. 

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Turkish Real Estate

Make Sure There Are No Defects

When you find the right home to buy, it is better to inspect the home's interior and exterior to ensure your purchase is safe. Doing this will help you ensure the house has no defects and the foundations are strong since any structural issues can result in future losses. 

Lock the Deal

Once you decide on a house to purchase, you can lock the deal and initiate the paperwork with your real estate agent. You should also hire a solicitor and grant them POA to help you reserve the property, get all the necessary documents for the property purchase to happen smoothly, and also help you register the title deed.

Prime Property Turkey has services that cover both these aspects. We can help you hunt for a home, purchase it, carry out the legal processes with our legal team's help and even rent it out or resell it later. 

You can browse our apartments and villas in Turkey and contact us for more information on the pricing and facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a house in Turkey? 

You can start by connecting with real estate consulting agencies to assist you in buying a home and give you all the information needed to make your move easy. As one of Turkey’s leading real estate consulting agencies, we can help you buy, sell, and rent property hassle-free. We cater to clients from different countries and provide a massive real estate portfolio for foreign investors to check out. 

What are the best cities to buy a home in Turkey?

Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir are the most popular destinations for foreign expats to buy the property and move to. These major cities of Turkey have enormous business potential, high-end real estate (apartments, villas, home offices, etc.), and excellent infrastructure. 

Can I get Turkish citizenship?

Yes. Foreign property buyers can benefit from purchasing Turkish real estate by getting Turkish citizenship after investing USD 400,000 in a local property. 

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