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The Importance Of After-Sales Services In Real Estate

Created : 23 Dec 2022
The Importance Of After-Sales Services In Real Estate

By Justin Mays:

When you buy property in Turkey, you are eligible to get a residence permit but not every buyer intends on living or spending a lot of time in the country. Also, when the buyer is not in the country, they can be concerned about monitoring, maintenance, rental and sale of the property. Buying a property in a foreign land means a huge investment and a daunting experience. Fret not! We are here with you at every step of sales and post-sales to help you with any issues you may encounter. We strive for client satisfaction with our after-sales services.

At Prime Property Turkey, we don't leave you after signing the contract but also offer you the best after-sales services. We ensure that our clients who bought a property for investment will receive a return on their investment (through rental or resale), get help with property management and be glad about choosing us.

What we offer

1. Rental service

Why restrict your home for holidays when you can rent it to earn a rental income? At Prime Property Turkey, we help you enjoy the benefits of your investments. For buyers who can't relocate to Turkey, we can help you make the best of your purchase by advertising your property through all channels and evaluating the potential tenants before they move in.

The percentage of rental income in Turkey ranges from 6% to 9% per year depending on the location of your property. If you decide to rent your property, we assure you of best-in-class property maintenance so that the property remains profitable at all times. We will also help you get tenants you prefer (students, small families, or individuals) that pay monthly rentals on time. 

2. Resale service

If you desire to sell your property, look no further and get in touch with us to get easy solutions with the utmost professionalism and security. We have a proven track record of making sales in lesser time with prices that satisfy both the seller and the buyer.

Whether you are a resident or a foreigner with property investment in Turkey, we will help you sell your property through Power of Attorney (POA). Being with Prime Property Turkey means your property is connected to a huge network and reaches potential buyers at the right time. Just submit the pictures of the property, the listing price, and the cash price and we'll get clients from the target market.

3. Property management service

 One of our top priorities is to ensure you gain maximum profit from your investment and have a trouble-free property management experience. Landscape upkeep and cleaning services are also a part of our after-sale services. Count on us for the proper maintenance of the premise and take care of the hosted events when you are not there. 

Want 24x7 security with guards and CCTV? Your wish is our command! Our after-Sales team will assist you in connecting with reputed security companies. The properties in our hands have an impressive occupancy rate. Whether an apartment or a building, our specialists will take responsibility for your profit.

4. Interior design service

No residential or commercial premise is complete without suitable furniture. Choosing and placing the furniture of your choice is achievable when you are a resident but when you're away, it requires reliable assistance. At Prime Property Turkey we help you with getting the finest furniture at the best prices.

We help you find the right furniture for your new property by connecting you to famous furniture distributors that have trending designs. You can choose from the catalogues and websites. Whether you remodel the property or do everything from the scratch, we'll bring your dream aesthetics to come to reality. 

Why should you choose us?

Our services and consultation don’t end with you after the service is over. We’re there with you as long as you need us.

  • Not just getting you the desired property but helping you make profits from your investment is what we strive for.
  • Our clients don't have to bear the trouble of not knowing the Turkish language; we're here to effectively communicate for you at various levels. 
  • We take charge of all the formalities like permits, taxes, paperwork and other documents while you become the happy owner of real estate in Turkey. 
  • There will never be any compromise on the quality and everything will be done timely and error-free. 
  • With our expertise in the market and living in the country, we bring to the table sales and after-sales services with the utmost comfort to you. 
  • We deal with all kinds of requests from our clients with the top-most professionalism and the best solutions. 

With Prime Property Turkey, you can be certain that we are with you at every step until you achieve complete satisfaction and coexist with the new lifestyle you decided on. Achieve Turkish Citizenship through property investment with our outclass services. 

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