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What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Family to Kas, Turkey

Created : 29 Nov 2022
What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Family to Kas, Turkey

By Justin Mays:

When you want to move to another country, too many questions come up in your mind. In fact, moving to a different place to start a new life with your family can be pretty taxing, but with ample guidance, things will fall into place and you can enjoy the transition. 

Kas is a majestic quaint town in Antalya and is home to perplexing ancient sites, impeccable seaside restaurants, and blissful beaches. Moving to this gorgeous hillside town can be the most hassle-free experience if you have the right information. 

Prime Property Turkey tells you what you need to know before moving your family to Kas, Turkey. This guide will help you settle easily and explore Kas’s magic. 

Know About The Facilities

While Kas is a relatively small town, it has all the vital facilities to support a convenient lifestyle. 

Transportation Facilities & Banks

Traveling from Kas is easy since it is close to the Dalaman Airport. Moreover, Kas also has rent-a-car facilities for expat families to go around town and travel to their heart's desires. 

Residents can also enjoy riding ferries and even taking the bus to nearby tourist locations.  

Besides this, Kas also has banks such as the Turkiye Is Bankasi to offer high-quality services to expats. 

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities are also readily available in Kas since there are several primary and secondary schools present in this area. 

Kas Lifestyle

Kas is not your typical resort town brimming with clubs, and loud crows. In fact, it is quite the opposite with its boutique shops, curving streets, and fairytale-like landscape. Its calm atmosphere makes it ideal for families to lead a serene lifestyle. 

 Kas, Turkey, real estate

What To Expect Regarding Costs 

Kas is an excellent town for expats, especially retirees for its affordable lifestyle. Apart from your monthly rent which largely depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the facilities it has, everything else is impressively low-priced. 

You can expect rent to be 4000 TL and above. Transport is cheap, the produce is fresh and you can easily purchase it from the weekly markets in Kas. Due to the high exchange rate of the Turkish Lira, you can make your money last a long time. Rent aside, you can lead an excellent lifestyle for as low as $1500. 

Kas Weather

Kas has relatively warm weather with 300 days of sunshine a year. The January temperatures hover between 5-15 degrees with January, November, and December receiving high rainfall. Additionally, the weather from June to September is characterized by sunny days and high temperatures.

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What to do in Kas

Kas has a plethora of activities that families can take part in. Often considered the “Swimmer’s Paradise”, Kas is a great location for scuba divers to explore the pristine waters. The ancient ruins and shipwrecks underwater fascinate many and are worth seeing. 

Furthermore, if the Kas heat gets to you, head over to the Kas beaches with your family, and enjoy a view of the sparkling sea. 

You can also make your way to the nearby towns including Kalkan and Alanya to roam the streets and witness eye-catching homes wrapped in bougainvilleas. 

Other activities you can do with your family in Kalkan include hiking along the Lycian way, enjoying cruise trips, visiting the Greek island of Meis, etc. We have an extensive blog post on “Kas, Turkey | Facts and Attractions” for you to read for more information. 

How to Find a Home in Kas

Finding a home that fulfills your family’s demands is one of the crucial tasks of moving to another country. To make the best choice, you should start by choosing the right location to buy a home in based on your expectations and lifestyle. The Kas center is the busiest and great for those who seek a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Kas also has more quiet and secluded areas in its outskirts for those wanting to live away from crowds, and desire spacious living, especially in the summer when the area’s population rises due to visitors. 

Moreover, Kas has 48 villages, each with a different atmosphere. 

Scan our Kas properties for sale to find the property that is right for you. Almost every property in Kas, Turkey, promises eye-catching views, and a pleasant lifestyle.

Wrapping It Up

We have detailed everything about Kas but left the best for last. The most important tip when moving to Kas is to choose an experienced real estate consulting company to help you search for a home. 

You can connect with us to make the house-hunting process easy, and acquire our expertise about the Kas, Turkey, real estate market. 

As one of Turkey’s most reliable real estate consulting agencies, we at Prime Property Turkey take our clientele’s requirements and preferences under heavy consideration when helping them explore different property options. So talk to our team, and make the best purchase today!

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