Why Buy Property in Kas, Turkey? | Turkish Real Estate
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6 Reasons to Buy Property in Kas, Turkey

Created : 25 Nov 2022
6 Reasons to Buy Property in Kas, Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Kas’s beauty and distinct landscape have fascinated many. However, while this quiet town in Turkey’s Mediterranean remains shielded from the negative impact of mass tourism, its Bohemian atmosphere will catch your attention the minute you enter.

This gorgeous town is unlike anything you have seen before. With its easygoing environment, Kas completely detaches you from the hasty lifestyle you know and allows you to unwind and enjoy the incredible views of nature. 

Furthermore, Kas is admired and preferred by many expats as a regular holiday destination, while others have purchased residential properties to start a new life in this town. 

So, if you are curious to know if buying a property in Kas is worth it, keep reading to find out the 6 reasons to purchase Kas real estate. 

Why Purchase Real Estate in Kas, Turkey?

Kas can let you get lost in nature and cool off near the sea. Because of how this town descends downhill, the properties here serve the best views to residents. 

Prime Property Turkey gives you all the reasons to invest in Turkish real estate in Kas.  

1. You’ll Never Get Bored

Kas may be a small town, but that does not mean it lacks attractions and activities for residents to indulge in. In fact, buying homes for sale in Kas, Turkey, means strolling along its picturesque streets and accessing a vibrant nightlife. The presence of an expat community in this town allows new residents to make connections with foreigners and locals quickly. 

It is a town that will have your heart immediately after you set foot in it.  

Eating Out

Whether you want to grab a bite on the go or have a three-course meal, Kas boasts some impeccable restaurants that serve the best of Turkish cuisine. Some even offer fantastic food with a view, so you can eat great food while witnessing a majestic sunset. 

Tour Historical Sites

Kas has great historical sites and ruins in and around it for residents to tour and learn about this town’s intriguing Lycian history. The must-see ancient ruins include the enigmatic Lycian Tombs, the massive amphitheater, the remains of Xanthos and much more. 

Get Some Adventure

You can partake in exciting activities such as scuba diving, mountain biking, para-gliding, etc.  

Why Buy Property in Kas, Turkey? | Turkish Real Estate

2. Invest in Buy-to-let Properties

Now more than ever, tourists look for accommodations rigged with private pools and other facilities to rent out for their stay at holiday resort towns. You can invest in a buy-to-let property and make a passive income. The returns for seasonal letting in this region are some of the best and can earn investors massive profits in the long run.

3. Sit Back & Enjoy the Calm Beaches

If you are craving a day of relaxing at the beach, Kas provides plenty of opportunities to do this. You can visit the clean and stunning beaches such as the Big Pebble Beach and Incebogaz Beach, to cool off and take a dip in cool water.   

4. Enjoy the Sun

Kas’s climate is also one of the major reasons why many want to invest in residential properties and live here. Locals can enjoy its pleasant Mediterranean weather. While you can expect 300 days of golden sunshine a year, Kas also has a perfect mild winter. The hottest months in Kas are July and August, when the average temperature is 31°C.

5. Check out Kas’s Rich Real Estate Portfolio

Kas real estate is distinct due to its blend of Greek, Ottoman, and contemporary architectural influences. The white-stone villas make this place feel like a beautiful secluded village. Each villa features the most appealing aesthetics, impressively spacious rooms, and immaculate terraces for uninterrupted views. 

Homebuyers can choose between villas and apartments to invest in for their holiday retreats or permanent living. The Kas apartments also have great features, such as garden space and shared swimming pools. 

While many of these spectacular projects come with steep price tags, they are still comparatively cheaper than units with similar specifications in European countries. 

The properties in Kas are also popular due to this town’s excellent location. It is only a few hours away from other holiday destinations such as Fethiye and Antalya while having quick access to nearby beaches.   

See Prime Property Turkey’s Kas properties for sale to find the perfect one for your needs. You can also check out the “Kas Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts” post on our website to learn about what to expect from the Kas property market. 

Homes for Sale in Kas Turkey

6. Access a Premium Lifestyle & Get Turkish Citizenship

Buying a property in Kas can unlock an exclusive lifestyle of luxury and sophistication. However, it can also pave the way for buyers, their spouses, and minor children to become Turkish citizens if the investment is at least $400,000. Read our Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program page for more details.

A Final Word

Kas’s excellent weather and enchanting natural beauty have attracted many foreign homebuyers from around the globe, especially the UK, resulting in a small expat community. You, too, can live a beautiful life and enjoy the crystal clear water of Kas’s beaches, shop for fresh foods from the local markets, and purchase beautifully-designed villas and apartments. All you have to do is get in touch with our team to get all the correct information on Kas’s real estate options. 

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