Gocek | Facts and Forecasts | Turkish Real Estate
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Gocek, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

Created : 28 Nov 2022
Gocek, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

By Justin Mays:

For how small the resort town of Gocek is, the real estate options in this area are some of the most sought-after in the Turkish Riviera. Not only are they in high demand among the locals, but international buyers also flock to this region from around the globe to invest in villas and holiday homes.

Surrounded by scenic mountains, Gocek’s 12 islands, and extravagant marinas give residents a lifestyle fit for the elite. With the Dalaman Airport only a few minutes away, Gocek receives countless keen investors looking to purchase villas and other residential units for their high potential. 

Are you interested in purchasing real estate in Gocek? Read this blog by Prime Property Turkey to get all the facts and forecasts about Gocek, Turkey, real estate. Let’s begin!

Gocek Real Estate Facts and Forecasts

Located in the Mugla province, Gocek’s natural charm and serene landscape pull in Turkish and global celebrities to this region. As one of Turkey’s leading holiday destinations, Gocek boasts everything from beautiful islands, gorgeous mountains, a tranquil atmosphere, several activities such as yachting and access to extraordinary ancient ruins. 

Besides all this, Gocek features excellent elite property options to fit the needs of a high-class audience. So, let’s look at how the real estate market in Gocek is performing and what to expect for the future.

  • Residential prices in the Mugla province witnessed a 158.54% increase in prices in October 2022. 
  • The Gocek real estate market includes rental and private properties, such as cottages, villas, apartments, etc.
  • With the rapid rise in building projects in Gocek, investors can easily get whatever types of Turkish real estate they seek. Whether homebuyers seek hillside residential properties, villas with sea views, detached accommodations, or designer homes that exude luxury and exclusivity, Gocek has them all. 
  • You can peruse Prime Property Turkey’s Gocek properties for sale here. Our listing gives you a detailed view of each property, along with pricing, location, and more. 
  • Many consider Gocek one of the best places to invest because this region has enjoyed special protection since 1998. The natural landscape has been kept secure by prohibiting the construction of tall buildings. Its status as a protected city under the law ensures no haphazard urban development. Buildings higher than two stories are not allowed, either. Therefore, any investment in Gocek has the benefit of being safe from mass urban planning. 
  • Despite inflation, ever-changing exchange rates, and rising cost constructions, the real estate market in Turkey has a stable forecast for 2023.
  • The high price of construction materials worldwide means that property prices are also up. The Turkish national bank estimates a 127 - 140% rise in prices overall. It has done little to dampen the interest of property buyers, though.
  • Due to the uncertain situation in many neighboring countries, foreign buyers still want to invest in the property market here. According to TurkStat, there was an increase of 45.1% in the months of January-March in 2022 in terms of foreign investment in residential properties.
  • According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, in March 2022, 134 thousand 170 house sales were made in Turkey. 
  • A $400,000 investment to get Turkish citizenship is also one of the many reasons keeping the market afloat. Our “Gocek Real Estate | How to Find Your Home” post has multiple fantastic property for sale in Gocek recommendations. 
  • The city has many things going for it, including but not limited to the Mediterranean views, balmy weather all year round, proximity to several airports and multiple harbors and marinas. Read our “Gocek, Turkey | Facts and Attractions” blog post and learn what Gocek offers to visitors. 

Gocek Turkey Real Estate

We Can Help You!

The real estate options in Gocek are mostly luxury options built with premium construction materials. Foreign investors prefer them for residential and rental purposes. Ultimately, house sales in Gocek aren’t slowing down anytime soon. So, if you want to buy a property and invest in expat-friendly Gocek, our consultants have all the useful information to help you do this.

We have years of experience in serving a global clientele. 

Contact us now, and get an exclusive consultation with our team so we can give you precisely what you desire.  

Gocek, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

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