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Modern Home Offices in Turkey that Inspire Productivity

Created : 05 Jan 2023
Modern Home Offices in Turkey that Inspire Productivity

By Justin Mays:

Home offices used to be exclusive, but in today’s modern post-pandemic world, they have become something of a need for people who work remotely or are freelancers. The new work-from-home model has gained preference, and more people are looking for contemporary home office spaces that can provide comfort and have everything needed to boost productivity. 

Turkey’s real estate market has many commercial properties for sale that fall under the category of home offices, which have been furnished with only the most premium features. If you are a foreigner looking for a home office, whether to start your business in Turkey or to have an office space that helps you maintain your productivity and get things done without disturbing your home life, the modern home offices below are your solution. 

The Top 3 Modern Home Offices For Sale in Turkey

The office interiors in commercial projects in Turkey have been designed to offer a professional environment that strengthens focus and nurtures creativity. Our selection of the top 3 home offices in Turkey are game-changers for the needs of modern employees and are located in the most desirable locations. Let’s explore all their features:

1. Flat 24 - Luxurious Home Offices for Sale

The Flat 24 project is our first pick for its pristine layout and spacious design. With a location in the widely sought-after Basin Express, this project can be an incredible investment because of its dynamic home and home-office options that can bring the perfect work/life balance. 

The best part of Flat 24 is its location on the European side of Istanbul, allowing you to reach major highways such as the TEM and E-5 highways and take advantage of the metro services, which include the M9 Atakoy-Bahariye line.

Now let’s break down all the features and facilities that Flat 24 offers investors. While this project boasts two blocks, A and B, Block A has 18 floors, while Block B has seventeen floors. Block A has 14 apartments on every floor, while block B has 8 apartments on each floor. Every unit is incredibly spacious and designed with a minimalistic approach to provide a top-notch work environment.  

Additionally, Flat 24 has 1+½, 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartment options for investors and can open doors for them to apply for Turkish residency. To top it off, this project has cleaning services, a meeting room, a parking lot, a fitness area, a pool, and much more. 

Does this property interest you? If yes, visit the Flat 24 project page and get to know all about the payment details and cash discounts.

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2. Diality - Home offices Primely Located in Topkapi

Diality’s location in Topkapi, in the heart of the European side of Istanbul, is second on our list. This project is near leading academic institutions and hospitals and has a land area of 2.083m2.

What makes Diality an ideal choice for commercial property investors to explore is its plethora of real estate investment options. From over 60 home offices and a myriad of shops, Diality promises fantastic value for money for buyers since it offers stunning Marmara and Bosphorus sea views.

This project has home office units measuring 62m2, 88m2 and 147m2, while the shops measure 362m2. All of these units are available at different price tags. If you want more information about the Diality project regarding prices, discounts and down payments, the Diality project page can give you all this.

3. Avrupa Konaklari Esentepe - Investment Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Avrupa Konaklari Esentepe definitely leaves an impression on all the buyers who tour it. Located in Kartal, in Istanbul, the Avrupa Konaklari Esentepe project makes for an excellent purchase for foreign investors since the apartments here are title-deed-ready and even boast options that can help buyers qualify for Turkish citizenship

The Avrupa Konaklari Esentepe, like our other picks, also offers a range of apartment units for buyers based on their budget and preference, which include 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 units.

The land area of this project is 40.000m2 and boasts 12 blocks, with 14 floors each. This massive project has 865 apartments, each spacious enough to accommodate remote working individuals to live a comfortable life and work to their full potential in a distraction-free environment. Each room is well-lit and has been designed to bring about a feeling of relaxation and serenity. 

Its location in Kartal places it near different modes of public transport, the E-5 highway, and hospitals and universities. 

The features of the Avrupa Konaklari project have elite facilities such as round-the-clock security, a football court, a sauna, a Turkish bath, steam rooms, a tennis court, a parking garage, and so much more. 

Want to know more about the Arupa Konaklari project? The project page for it will answer all your questions. 

Why Buy Commercial Property For Sale From Prime Property Turkey?

Prime Property Turkey caters to an international audience of investors seeking quality properties. We have a legal team and multi-lingual real estate consultants ready to help you kick-start your property hunt, tour unique properties and explore our commercial real estate for sale spread in different parts of Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

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