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Getting Title Deed in Turkey | FAQ Guide

Created : 12 Dec 2022
Getting Title Deed in Turkey | FAQ Guide

By Justin Mays:

In today’s blog post, we answer all your questions about getting a title deed in Turkey. Let’s begin. 

What is a Turkish Title Deed or TAPU?

A Turkish title deed or TAPU is a crucial document that holds all the information regarding property ownership. Furthermore, it includes the owner’s information and of the property.

The title deed is registered by the Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü (TKGM) or the TAPU and Cadastre General Directorate. 

It is essential for all property owners to know about everything the Turkish title deed includes. Ideally, it would be best if you worked with a lawyer to assist you in obtaining the title deed, run all the essential checks, and ensure a smooth process.

We have an in-house legal team ready to assist you in this regard. Our company also offers excellent property investment for citizenship services to cater to a foreign clientele and make the process seamless.  

What are the different categories of Title Deeds in Turkey?

Blue & Red TAPU | Getting Title Deed in Turkey | FAQ Guide

The Turkish title deed features two categories, depending on the type of property:


This type of title deed is created keeping in mind land title and shared ownership. Here is some more information:

  • Land Ownership:

Titles regarding land would apply to only that land and not to any other habitations. 

  • Shared Ownership: 

If the TAPU features multiple habitations, it will mention the share you own out of the entire property. A shared ownership title deed also makes it harder for owners to take out a mortgage.


A red TAPU is a freehold title and refers to sole ownership of the property, and unlike the last type we mentioned, the red TAPU also mentions the property unit. Those who hold a red TAPU are eligible to take out a mortgage. This freehold title is either “kat irtifaki” or “kat mulkiyeti,”. They might be residential or commercial. The form features a check box that signifies the property’s category. 

  • Kat Irtifaki:

Kat irtifaki refers to “construction servitude,” signifying that the property development is still underway and also features the allotment of units.

  • Kat Mulkiyeti:

On the completion of the development phase, the local municipal authorities run property checks. An occupation license (also called Iskan) is issued, converting a title into either a kat mulkiyeti or a full title deed. Having a kat mulkiyeti allows owners to get the property’s utilities in place and fully connected. 

How to verify your TAPU OF Turkish title deed?

You can verify your title deed’s clearance since it has information on any charges or mortgages against it. While the property buyer can carry out these checks, a lawyer appointed by the buyer can also do this via a power of attorney. 

What documents are required for transferring the title deed?

You will need the following:

  • Buyers Potential Tax Number (Vergi Numarası)
  • A translation and photocopy of the passport.
  • Appraisal report (This report has to be acquired by the seller and it has to be sent to the Tapu Office system online, no need to submit anything pyhsical)
  • Seller’s ID card or Passport
  • In case the title deed will be received by a lawyer, an original POA will be needed.
  • Statement of identity information form (will be filled with the buyer’s information).
  • Currency purchase documents and payment receipts. Payment receipts are only needed for citizenship cases but currency purchase documents are needed for all foreign buyers, and the sales price on the title deed will be determined according to that document.

What are the steps for getting a Title Deed in Turkey?

  1. Make an appointment at the local title deed office with the needed documents, and bring along your identification card and passport. After making the appointment, you will receive a message containing the date and time of the appointment and the amount of tax you have to pay.

  2. Both parties must determine a declaration value for the transaction for stamp duty to be applied. Moreover, most of the time, the buyer has to pay for this. 
  3. Stamp duty must be paid via a wire transfer. 
  4. The seller then has to sign the title deed.
  5. The buyer then signs the title deed. 
  6. Finally, the buyer is issued a title deed under their name.  

How much is the cost of obtaining a Title Deed or TAPU in Turkey?

When making a Turkish real estate transaction, there are title deed costs one should bear in mind. The title deed transfer fee or the stamp duty tax is 4% of the total purchase cost and most of the time it is paid by the buyer at the time of completing a title deed exchange. Parties can also agree on paying %2 each.

Getting Title Deed in Turkey

Title Deed terminologies you should know.

İli - Province

İlçe - District

Mahalle - Neighbourhood

Köy - Village

Sokağı - Street

Mevkii - Location 

Ada - Plot

Yüzölçümü - Area size

Bağımsız Bölüm - Independent section

Arsa Payı - Land share

Giriş - Entrance 

Kat No - Floor Number

Fotoğraf - Photograph

Niteliği - Description

Sahibi - owner

Edinme Sebebi - Reason for purchase

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment 

Turkish citizenship is now available for those who invest USD 400,000 minimum in one or more property. Once a foreign investor buys a Turkish property and applies for Turkish citizenship, an amount is imposed on the title deed to restrict the title deed’s transfer and sale of the property for three years. 

We have a team of legal and property sales experts ready to assist you in getting your title deed. So contact us today without delay!  

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