Dap Vadisi Offices - Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

Dap Vadisi Offices - The Epitome of a Modern Work Space

Created : 19 Dec 2022
Dap Vadisi Offices - The Epitome of a Modern Work Space

By Justin Mays:

58.576 real estate sales were made to international buyers in Turkey. While residential properties dominate the Turkish real estate market, commercial properties are not far behind and are much in demand by foreign investors who want to establish their businesses in Turkey. Commercial real estate includes different property types such as offices, home offices, shops, hospitality, retail, logistics, industrial, etc. 

The vast developments in the country’s economy have prompted foreign buyers to invest in commercial units to secure their finances or carry out their business operations. Moreover, the commercial property sector in this country is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.74% in the next five years. In today’s blog, we bring you a commercial project that is the epitome of a modern workspace: Dap Vadisi. Stick around to know more about it!

All About Dap Vadisi Offices

Dap Vadisi (meaning Dap Valley) is an excellent commercial project in Kagithane, boasting multiple blocks, namely the Y Office, Z Office, İ Office, A Office, S Office and Bumerang Office buildings. All these office buildings combine to create great office spaces over a ​​40,000-square-meter area. 

This revolutionary project has transformed the face of Kagithane by introducing 960 independent office and shop spaces built with the highest quality materials. 

Dap Vadisi fulfills the requirements of the modern business world by being equipped with incredible facilities to meet the daily needs of corporate employees. 

DAP Vadisi | Commercial Office & Shops

Why Invest in Dap Vadisi?

  • The Dap Vadisi project stands out because its different blocks have unique architecture, especially the Z block, since it is shaped like the letter “Z.” 
  • Each building has state-of-the-art facilities that simplify work and keep operations going. 
  • All the offices of Dap Vadisi have modern interiors and are impressively spacious to give buyers the best return for their money. 
  • The offices are also title-deed-ready. 
  • The subway is nearby, allowing employees from all over Istanbul to reach their workplace in Dap Vadisi easily and quickly.
  • Each office and shop space has been built with meticulous detail to ensure that these spaces serve their purpose effectively.
  • The offices also boast floor-to-ceiling glass windows.
  • Your guests will also be received and welcomed at the front desk and will be directed to your office. 
  • Other distinct facilities that the Dap Vadisi office blocks feature include helipads, a mini golf course, green space, a fitness center and much more.
  • Office-goers will have no problem parking their vehicles since there is sufficient indoor and outdoor parking space.

DAP Vadisi

Watch Prime Property Turkey’s video on Dap Vadisi for a better look into what this project has to offer to foreign buyers.  

About Dap Vadisi’s Location

Dap Vadisi’s location in Kagithane is the ideal place to have an office since it is only a short walk away from the train station and metro bus stations. The Çağlayan Courthouse is also nearby. Moreover, the central district of Maslak is only a few minutes away. Dap Vadisi is also:

  • 5 minutes from TEM.
  • 3 minutes from Haliç Congress Center.
  • 4 minutes from Büyükdere Street.
  • The areas of Mecidiyeköy, Şişli, Beşiktaş, Taksim, and Levent are also 5-10 minutes away from Kagithane. 

In addition, Kagithane is one of the most bustling districts in Istanbul and has branches of different international and local banks. 

Amenities Available in Dap Vadisi

Dap Vadisi is equipped with top-of-the-line facilities for major business and office spaces. It has lobbies, meeting rooms, and conference halls for smooth office operations. Furthermore, Dap Vadisi also has shops, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and hairdressers. 

Moreover, sufficient cleaning personnel and security ensure that all office employees have a safe and pristine environment. 

Does the Dap Vadisi project interest you? You can visit the property page for more information on the shops' dimensions, available office units, and prices. 

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