Jobs and Salaries in Turkey 2022
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Jobs and Salaries in Turkey

Created : 29 Jun 2022
salary in Turkey

Are you looking for a job in Turkey? Curious about salaries in Turkey? Working in Turkey can seem daunting without knowing anything about the local economy or typical wages. Take information from this article to start your job hunt by learning about some of the best easy-to-navigate websites for job hunting in Turkey. Soon you will be well on your way to finding employment in Turkey. 


Salaries in Turkey


The minimum monthly wage in Turkey is 5.500 Turkish Lira net (USD 314 as of July 2022). According to Glassdoor, the average monthly salary for higher-level jobs such as directors is 48.515 Turkish Lira (USD 2.774 as of July 2022). 


Average wages hover around 10.000 TL monthly, with most workers taking home 7.825 TL (453 USD) net. The top sectors include information and communications (100.467 TL) and Finance and Insurance (95.314 TL). 



How to look for a job in Turkey?


The top five to websites to find a job in Turkey are are,, linkedIn, and The top website for job hunting is  Kariyer, where you can search for work by city, sector, and department. It is the best place to start your job hunt in Turkey with extensive listings.


Linkedin, the professional networking site, is used worldwide, and Turkey is no exception. This site is easy to navigate and allows employers to post jobs. Asking your local networks or looking directly at the industries you are interested in will round out your chances of finding a career in Turkey. 


Jobs in Turkey: what to expect


Foreigners without Turkish language skills often find employment in the following areas: education, tourism, editing and writing, import/export sales specialists, childcare, and the medical industry. Some people transfer from international companies and organizations and keep the higher salaries at home. 


Larger cities will generally have more opportunities, Istanbul is the country's economic center, but Ankara, Gaziantep, and many coastal towns have good employment prospects too. 


According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), in April 2022, the unemployment rate was 11.3%. Broad unemployment is currently at 21.7%

Read the types of work permits in Turkey blog for more information. 


Banned professions for foreigners in Turkey


Unless you are a foreigner of Turkish origin, the following occupations are not open to foreign hire:


-Medical field: dentistry, midwife, nursing


-Veterinary Medicine

-Hospital directors


-Notary Public


-Customs Brokerage

-Security officers in public or private settings




-Stock market brokerage 

-Tourism Guide


-Maritime professions: captain, piloting and carrying passengers, diving and foraging for pearls, mussels, sponges, oysters, fish, etc., engineering, clerk, and crew


What jobs can foreigners do in Turkey?

With the right language skills, educational background, and work experience, most other professions will be open to foreign professionals. There is a law that there should be at least five Turkish citizens for every foreign hire in any workplace. 


Language requirements for jobs in Turkey

The Turkish language is an added advantage when seeking a job and job seekers should consider investing in a basic Turkish course class. It will make it easier to interact with colleagues and to learn about the culture. There are many Turkish language schools dotted around Turkey offering lessons to groups and individuals. The classes can be scheduled according to the needs of the student and lessons can also be offered online. Some of the schools you can find in Turkey are Magic Talk Academy, Royal Turkish Schools Istanbul, and Concept Language and Turkish language Center. Business and working knowledge of Turkish is necessary for most jobs in Turkey. The most utilized and needed second languages include English, Russian, Arabic, and German.

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