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Cost of Living in Turkey

Created : 23 Aug 2022

By Justin Mays: 

History in its broadest aspect is a record of man's migrations from one environment to another - Ellsworth Huntington. There are many reasons why people opt to move and reside from one country to the other. Some reasons include work, school, retirement, and better living standards. Turkey is one of the countries that many people consider moving to for the above reasons. 

Life in Turkey is generally affordable, and citizens afford to buy their necessities from discount shops around the country. However, some cities are a bit more expensive, especially with busy business hubs and many tourism centers. This blog will look at some of the expenses faced by residents in Turkey monthly. 


Turkey's public transportation is quite admirable. Residents can choose either metro, metro bus, or small buses called dolmus—these charge less than 50 cents USD per trip. The buses and trains are scheduled, and you can download an IETT Application showing you the exact time the next bus will be coming to your location. The average monthly cost is 350 TL when traveling with public transportation. Google maps make it easy to move from one point to the next in Turkey. If one wishes to invest in a private car, one must be aware of the registration, insurance, and repair expenses they come across. Turkey also has bad traffic congestion during pick hours, so motorists must be prepared for this. Prices of fuel in Turkey defer from city to city. One liter of petrol and diesel averages between 21.16 TL per liter to 23.30 TL per liter.  


Food is relatively cheap in Turkey compared to other European destinations. As prices have increased over a couple of years, the citizens can still afford to buy all the necessities they need. Basic lunch and a drink cost 60 TL. Turkish cuisines are sold at many food restaurants and are sold fresh, and there are always new seasonal foods to try out. Many neighborhoods host farmers' markets during weekends, where residents buy fresh produce at affordable prices. Coffee places charge 35 TL for a cappuccino, Turks are known to love their tea, known as chai, and many restaurants offer it for free while others charge it an average of 5 TL. Dinner for two costs about 217 TL in a reputable restaurant. 


Turkey has many entertainment and leisure centers for both the young and old. There are many parks, museums, aquariums, and various places to visit during weekends with family and friends. Often, when the weather is favorable, families go to parks for picnics, and in summers, people opt to go to parks at night when it's cooler. The municipalities of cities go an extra mile to keep these places clean and maintain them, and they are always in pristine condition for people to revisit time and time. Gyms and other fitness centers cost an average of 500 TL per month for a haircut to be charged 50 TL. 

Regarding festivals and concerts, be prepared to pay between 200 TL to 300 TL and enjoy your time with friends. Monthly subscriptions for NetFlix are between 37.99 TL to 77.99 TL. For internet subscriptions, Turkey has many internet providers. Some of the prominent providers in the industry are Netspeed, Turknet, Tursat, and Turk telekom, all of which charge an average of 100 TL monthly subscriptions. 

Rent per Month

Rentals in Turkey differ from district to district. There are central districts close to the central business district, for example, Istanbul Sisli, Kagithane, Levent, and Kadikoy. For these centers, rentals are a bit expensive due to high demand—a one-bedroom apartment costs between 3.500 TL to 8.000 TL. Antalya and Alanya are some cities with rents cheaper than Istanbul with 56% and 31% respectively. Before entering a new apartment, one must sign a contract with the landlord with the amount they must pay during the rental and the day when the contract ends. 

Monthly Utility Bills

Most residents pay a monthly maintenance fee, which is used to fix anything that needs maintenance, such as new security alarms, door locks, and CCTV. The maintenance is charged considering the number of services and facilities on the residence that need services and repair. Some of the facilities found at Turkish residences that might need service and repair are swimming pools, sauna, Turkish Hamman, Basketball court and tennis court, Children's play area, Jacuzzi, and terrace. 

Whether you own or rent an apartment in Turkey, you must open and register your utility accounts in your name using your foreign identification number. A family of two can may 200 TL for natural gas, 50 TL for water, and 250 for electricity. The amount increases with the frequency of use and the number of family members in each household. All this being said, one's lifestyle determines how much one pay for utilities. For example, a person who spends most time at work and orders all their meals pay less electricity but spends more on food. There are many discounts that are offered to students from transport, museums, theme parks, concerts and other shops. 

Medication and Hospitalization 

Medication in Turkey is cheap, and many foreigners visit Turkey for medical procedures. In Turkey, you will receive services such as dentistry, hair transplant, oncology, and cosmetic surgeries at an affordable price. For more information on medical insurance cover in Turkey for citizens and foreigners, please read this blog on our website. Pharmacies in Turkey are known as Eczane, and it is pronounced (eg-zah-neh). They open from 9.00 AM to 19.00 PM on weekdays and Saturdays. Most over-the-counter medicines are cheap, and some are covered by medical insurance. However, so more drugs, a prescription is required. Hospitalization is charged according to the patient's diagnosis and the medication they are on, and Childbirth and one day of hospitalization costs from 1200 USD to 4000 USD depending with the hospital.  

Turkey is a good country to relocate to due to its location, living standards, safety, good climate, and affordable healthcare. Read the following blogs on how to get a driver’s license in Turkey, Buying an apartment in Turkey, and how to get a residence permit in Turkey.

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25 Aug 2022
Ilyas Arvanaghy
Turkey is a good country to relocate to due to its location, living standards, safety, good climate, and affordable healthcare
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