All the Details About Tersane’s Universe Project
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Do You Want to Enter Tersane’s Universe? We Give You All the Details

Created : 25 Nov 2022
Do You Want to Enter Tersane’s Universe? We Give You All the Details

By Justin Mays:

Have you ever heard of the Tersane project? This is a new and exclusive neighborhood that is currently being built in Beyoğlu, on the shores of the Golden Horn. It is located in the heart of Istanbul, about three kilometers from the Galata Tower and about four kilometers from the Grand Bazaar.

Led by the company FTG Development, the objective of this project is to turn this area of ​​Istanbul into the gateway to the metropolis of the future. It is about mixing history with modernity and tradition with exclusivity. Tersane is projected as a city within the city, as it will make available to its guests everything they need to enjoy a pleasant lifestyle: restaurants, museums, luxury hotels, unique apartments and an extensive cultural calendar.

So far, the company that is in charge of this project has already outlined other designs in cities such as Dubrovnik, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Astana and Maldives. In the case of Istanbul, Tersane will have an area of ​​about 242,000 square kilometers, with more than 1,000 hotel rooms, some 600 living units and 4 museums, among others.

The idea and the goal of this project

This urban and real estate project goes far beyond the material, as it also aims to revive the legacy left by the shipyards of the Ottoman Empire 600 years ago. Tersane seeks to restore its "former glory" to this area of ​​the Golden Horn, so that it once again becomes a social and historical meeting point. “This perfect natural harbor that made Istanbul the most important commercial hub of the Mediterranean for centuries is now setting sail to have a second life with Tersane İstanbul, inviting you on board!”, says the company on the project website.

Tersane real estate opportunities

As we have mentioned before, Tersane will have about 600 homes, most of them located in front of the sea, just 10 meters from the Golden Horn. There will be lofts, mansions and apartments, all of them furnished with all the necessary services to enjoy optimal indoor and outdoor living.

In addition to these homes, Tersane will also have five-star luxury hotels, to facilitate the stay of all those who are only passing through Istanbul. In total, there will be about 1,000 rooms, all of them inspired by the local culture, history and community spirit of the area.

Fashion and culinary delights

The heart of Tersane will be Luxury Plaza, a set of shopping streets where travelers and residents can find the main international and local brands. According to the company developing the project, this area will be like an open-air shopping center, where there will also be exclusive restaurants to taste all the gastronomic delights of the metropolis.

Events and iconic museums

Culture will also be one of the main pillars of this urban and real estate project. Tersane will feature a centuries-old Ottoman imperial garden, a Museum Square that will house four world-class contemporary museums, and an event hall that will accommodate a multitude of cultural events, including performances, exhibitions, and music festivals. The company has advanced that one of this museums will be the Sadberk Hanım Museum of the Vehbi Koc Foundation, which has a private collection with more than 20,000 archaeological relics.

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