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Gocek Turkey Real Estate | How to Find Your Home

Created : 08 Nov 2022
Gocek Turkey Real Estate | How to Find Your Home

By Justin Mays:

Gocek is an upscale resort town in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It has a reputation for being one of the most renowned yachting areas, preferred by the wealthy due to its six high-class marinas.  

Gocek is where the rich and the famous relax at the private bays and spend time at the calm beaches. 

With only a few minutes from the tourist town of Fethiye and the Dalaman Airport, Gocek is a suitable place to live for those who seek to slow down and enjoy nature. 

Luxurious standards and a charming view of the marina characterize homes and villas for sale in Gocek, Turkey. 

In this blog post, Prime Property Turkey runs you through everything about Gocek, Turkey, real estate and how you can find your phenomenal home.  

Why Buy a Home in Gocek, Turkey?

While the bustling Fethiye is at the center of all the travel brochures, quiet Gocek remains a serene place, utterly untainted by active tourism, making it ideal for foreign investors who are moving to Turkey and seeking peace and privacy to buy homes. 

You can check out all the properties for sale in Gocek to see what Turkish real estate has to offer for foreign investors. 

Life in Gocek

Gocek gives its residents access to a deluxe and sophisticated lifestyle. The multiple marinas on its coast harbor boats and mega yachts that cater to the elite, with only premium services. 

The promenade is the best place for people to spend time and unwind. It has some of the best restaurants and cafes for people to lounge around. 

Gocek’s Beauty

The beauty of Gocek is unrivaled with its sparkling waters, and the magnificent Taurus Mountains act as a beautiful backdrop. This beauty is entirely preserved by a ban on constructing multi-story buildings with more than two floors. 

Sightseeing in Gocek 

Gocek is loaded with attractive cultural and historic sites for people to visit. Gemiler Island is one place where you can find ruins from the Lycian and Byzantine eras. 

Residents can also travel to nearby Fethiye to explore different shops and enjoy the shopping scene. Kayakoy is another 1700 old location worth visiting for history lovers to check out the old Greek-style buildings.

Tlos, Xanthos, and Patara are a few other historical locations that people residing in Gocek can visit to explore.


The weather in Gocek is what lures foreigners to it. The summers in Gocek can get quiet and hot, and the weather remains dry. Temperatures in June can get as high as 83°F to as low as 66°F, with August being the hottest month. 

The cool weather isn’t extreme and short-lived and only lasts about 3.9 months.

How to Find Your Home in Gocek, Turkey

Gocek has seen a sharp boost in the development of modern residential projects and complexes. While the prices tend to be steep in this area, the projects available are rigged with the best features and facilities. 

Living in Gocek means enjoying majestic sunsets, epic beach views and indulging in great outdoor activities. 

Foreign investors have several residential property types to choose from based on their budget and preferences. They can choose from modern apartments, traditional villas or even secluded homes with massive plots of land. 

You can check our recommendations of the best homes for sale in Gocek to explore their facilities.

Gocek Town Center Apartments

Gocek Town Center Apartments

The Gocek Town Centre Apartments comprise two blocks and have eight units. The plot size is 1300 sqm and features two sophisticated garden flats, each with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Additionally, these units prove to be cozy spaces for small families. 

In addition, there are also two mid-floor units and two duplex units on the top floor. The most attractive thing about these apartments is their budget-friendly price tags.

Location & Facilities

These Gocek apartments are near the Gocek town center and close to a plethora of amenities for the residents to live comfortably.

Residents can benefit from accessing the shared swimming pool and spend an ideal life in these spacious units. 

Get more information by heading over to the property page.

Villa with Marvelous Views of Sea and Gocek Bay

Villa with Marvelous Views of Sea and Gocek Bay

This project is a six-bedroom, immaculate villa with plenty of space because of having three floors. The living space is 280 m2, making it perfect for families. 

This property also has a sizable living room and a beautiful kitchen.

Furthermore, it features attractive French sliding doors leading to the pool. A majestic garden also awaits the residents. 

Every bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, perfect for those who prefer luxury and privacy. 

Location & Facilities

This villa is located in the scenic town of Gocek and gives residents access to the alluring Turquoise Coast. Residents will be spoiled for choice with all the outdoor activities available. 

The facilities include stunning marble floors, underfloor heating and more. 

Check out this property’s page for more information.

Stunning Hillside Villa in Gocek

Stunning Hillside Villa in Gocek

This majestic villa sits on a 1228 m2 plot of land and features four massive bedrooms and four bathrooms. Residents can enjoy this magnificent property's private pool and garden, making it perfect for hosting gatherings. 

The living room features a lovely wooden fireplace, and the kitchen has been furnished with high-quality materials. Residents can enjoy a private life with all the excellent resources and facilities.  

Location & Facilities

Located in elegant Gocek, this villa has impressive features such as outdoor patios, a private pool, a private garden space to spend time at and other features that would make this villa a dream home for many.

Visit the property page for additional information.

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