The Ultimate Guide to Turkey's Weather and Seasons
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Turkey's Weather and Seasons

Created : 11 Aug 2022
Turkey's Weather

By Justin Mays:

Open seas and high mountains surround Turkey, giving the country its Meditarean climate. The prevailing climate in the interior areas is relatively dry and continental. The northern oceanic areas and the southern areas have a moderate Mediterranean climate.

Turkey generally has four climate zones, and the central parts of the Anatolian Plateau have a relatively dry continental climate. The east and northeast have mountainous climates, the west and south have Mediterranean climates, and the Black Sea coast has summers. It is hot and has mild and humid winters. 

If you plan to visit this country, the best time is spring (April and May) and autumn (October and early November). In these seasons, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Thus, the southern regions of Turkey are visited mainly by tourists in summer and the northern and central regions in winter. 

Turkey's Weather in its tourist cities

Weather in Turkey, Antalya

The climate of Antalya is the Mediterranean, with sunny summers and mild winters. Since this city has almost 300 days of sunshine most of the year, so it hosts many tourists in all seasons of the year who can enjoy sports activities such as surfing, water skiing, sailing, etc.

In the summer seasons, the air temperature is between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius, and its humidity is between 65% and 85%. This weather attracts the attention of many tourists to the beautiful beaches of Antalya.


Weather in Turkey, Istanbul

Istanbul is another Turkish tourist destination city for all seasons of the year because, in the winter months, the weather gets freezing, the temperature drops below zero, and there is snow and rain.

The best time to visit this city is the last two months of spring and the first two months of autumn when the weather in this city is at its best. In summer, the weather of this city is hot and humid, which is the right time to hold various art festivals and big concerts.

In general, this city's spring weather is moderately hot during the day but cool at night with some rain.

In summer, the weather is warm and mild, with an average temperature of 28 degrees, which is why people usually go on boat tours in the strait to escape the heat. 

In autumn, the weather in this city is not stable, sometimes it is hot, and sometimes it is rainy and cold. Traveling in this season is cheaper than in summer.

The days are usually cold in winter, and the average temperature reaches 8 degrees Celsius. Showers during the day are typical, but this city has no news of heavy snowfall. One advantage of winter traveling to this city is the city's quietness; the hotels will have reasonable prices.


Weather in Turkey, Ankara

Ankara is one of Turkey's important and spectacular cities. Contrary to popular belief, Ankara is the capital of Turkey, not Istanbul! A combination of art and modernity can be seen in every corner of this city. Ankara has many attractions for those who want to continue their life in this city or travel to it. 

If we want to describe the climate of this city, we must say that it has a Mediterranean climate with dry and subtropical summers. In summer, due to the subtropical system, its climate is hot and dry; in winter, due to the polar front, it has a mild and rainy climate.

You may be wondering what season is best to visit this city! If you are planning to travel to Ankara in the summer, don't worry about the heat of this city, for it is not too overwhelming. It is the best time to use the facilities and enjoy water activities.

We suggest you travel to Turkey and go to Ankara in the spring and late September to the end of October because, in these two seasons, the weather in Turkey is stable and pleasant and cool.


Weather in Turkey, Izmir

The city of Izmir is also considered one of the tourist cities in Turkey, so it is better to have information about the weather in this city. The climate of Izmir is hot and dry in summer and relatively mild in winter with high rainfall.

In general, the climate of this city is the Mediterranean. The highest rainfall is from November to April, and the amount of rainfall reaches its minimum in June, July, and August. 

In general, the weather in this city is delightful in spring with a lot of rain.

The weather is relatively hot, dry, and sunny in the summer, and this city sees little rain in the summer. Usually, the humidity is not high, and sometimes the breeze blows from the seaside.

In autumn, the weather is pleasantly warm and sunny with rain.

And the winter weather is relatively mild and rainy, and the highest amount of rain in Izmir is in the winter season.


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