7 Reasons Why Living in Turkey Brings You Joy
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"Enjoying Life" 7 Reasons Why Living in Turkey Brings You Joy

Created : 29 Jul 2022
enjoy Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

The 84 million people who call Turkey home know it is a great place to live with much to enjoy. And now the secret is out as more and more people want to invest in Turkish real estate to relocate here. Here are just seven reasons why people enjoy living here. Millions of satisfied residents cannot be wrong. 

Modern Residence

There are top-notch housing developments throughout the country. Most new builds have amazing amenities available. Pools, gyms, shopping, and cafes all within the confines of your secure residence are just some of the benefits of buying property in Turkey. 


You can enjoy a great lifestyle for very little money. Food is high quality and reasonably priced allowing for weekly meals out and shopping trips. With lower real estate prices than in other major cities and coastal areas in the world, you can still find a dream property with a decent price tag. Public transport and domestic flights are cheap with extensive routes. 

Vibrant Social Life

Delight in the many entertainment options available in Turkey. Movies, dining out options, attending concerts, sporting events, performances, and nearby natural wonders make it hard to decide what to do during your leisure time. Museums and social and sports clubs are plentiful and round out your entertainment options. 


Find pleasure in an epic meal out. Turkey is the land of delicious cuisine. Grab your family and friends to partake in a traditional meal of fish or grilled meats accompanied by meze. There is no rush to this ritual, meals can last for hours filled with good food and lots of wonderful conversation. 

Exciting Holidays

Celebrate the many public holidays and parties. Turks love to host and share with new friends. It is not uncommon to be invited to a wedding of someone you barely know and neighbors, colleagues and the people you meet along the way will certainly want to invite you to share in their joyous occasions. Additionally, Turkey has over 14 bank holidays, one of the highest in the world, making vacation time plentiful. 

Live in the Moment

Relish the easy way of living. Learn the ways of keyif (pleasure in Turkish). Akin to the Mediterranean lifestyle, Turks know when to slow down and find joy in day-to-day life. 

Sweet Treats

Indulge in traditional Turkish treats. Sometimes it’s the little things that sweeten up your day. Order a Turkish coffee and often a piece of tasty lokum aka Turkish delight will accompany the dainty cup of rich coffee. Looking for something more substantial? Try one of the many varieties of baklava, filled with pistachios or walnuts, even served cold with ice cream sometimes!

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