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7 Reasons to Buy Property in Gocek, Turkey

Created : 31 Oct 2022
7 Reasons to Buy Property in Gocek Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Gocek is a small but scenic town in Fethiye that sits in the Mugla province. This town is home to multiple marinas and is famous for yacht tourism. 

The natural beauty of this region and the abundance of activities to indulge in, paired with its serene environment, are the key factors that appeal to international investors. 

Gocek truly is the place to be for those who seek adventure. All the affluent locals come here to spend their holidays, while foreigners seeking extravagance and enjoyment have invested in many holiday homes in this area. 

As one of the leading real estate consulting companies, we have catered to countless foreign investors over the years and are fully aware of the potential that Gocek has to offer in terms of property. In today’s blog, Prime Property Turkey walks you through the 7 reasons to buy property in Gocek, Turkey.

Warm Climate

The weather in Gocek beats that of many European countries since it has about 280 sunny days a year, which makes the climate conditions in Gocek highly favorable for year-round living. 

You won’t have to deal with more gloomy, grey weather. Gocek offers the type of climate that best caters to active people who enjoy the outdoors.

Moreover, you don’t have to bore yourself and stay indoors. Gocek allows ample opportunities to go for walks or spend time by the pool. 

Proximity to the Airport & Other Transport Facilities

Gocek has an attractive location for investors since it is at a distance of only a few minutes from the Dalaman Airport. You can get from any European country to Gocek via a few hours of flight. 

Getting around Gocek is also incredibly hassle-free since dolmus minibus services are running round-the-clock, and taxis are also available. 

We also have a blog post on Gocek, Turkey | Facts and Attractions so you can find out about all the activities available in Gocek. 

7 Reasons to Buy Property in Gocek Turkey

Diverse Real Estate in Gocek, Turkey 

Gocek has what it needs to attract foreign real estate investors. Any property for sale in Gocek, Turkey, has all the facilities to support a sophisticated lifestyle. While Gocek is relatively high cost for real estate, there are still a plethora of bargain-priced villas and apartments to check out for those on a limited budget. 

Along with this, luxury property buyers can check out the various high-end constructions in Gocek rigged with only the most high-end features. 

You can easily find different types of properties, such as modern villas, fully customized holiday homes, elite apartments, homes with private pools and much more.

In addition, you can get the most out of your money since property costs, maintenance, taxes, etc., are a fraction of what one would need to spend in Europe. 

You can browse Prime Property Turkey’s Gocek properties for sale to explore the diverse Turkish real estate. Whatever your budget is, you can easily find the finest real estate options in Gocek for your price. 

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Great Bang for Your Buck

Gocek has majestic mountains and, therefore, offers enchanting views to those who live here since there are no high-rise buildings or tall constructions. 

Compared to other areas, Gocek isn’t crowded with tourists either. Gocek offers investors a slow-paced lifestyle that provides peace and relaxation.

But that’s not all. Gocek provides quick access to bays and close-by islands for those who often seek to explore and change their environment. 

There are also lavish beach clubs and private boats for rent on the marina. Gocek provides an impressively affordable lifestyle, enabling retired expats and foreigners to make their money last a long time. 

Real Estate That Offers High Rentals 

Properties in Gocek are sure to bring in high rentals since Gocek attracts holiday-goers. Many that come here look for rental properties for their stay, and since rents in Gocek are steadily climbing, investing in local real estate can quickly turn into a high and stable source of income for the buyer. 

Watch Prime Property Turkey’s "Weekly Report Turkey" Episode 1, where our hosts Justin and Peter discuss the Turkish Real Estate Market. Subscribe for more of such videos.


Exceptional Local Cuisine

Gocek offers the opportunity to taste many delicious local dishes at reasonable prices. Foreigners can indulge in tasting the wide variety of kebabs that are a part of Turkish cuisine. The famous Turkish breakfast is known world-over for its variety and rich taste.

Furthermore, when you buy a property and live in Gocek, you can get your hands on the freshest vegetables and fruits, and can enjoy the many organic choices available in the local markets.

Property for Sale in Gocek Turkey

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program 

Buying property in Turkey can now qualify you for Turkish citizenship by investment program and there are many properties in Gocek that can help you achieve this. Investors must purchase 400,000 USD or more worth of property and hold it for three years. 

The investor, their spouse, and their minor children can get Turkish citizenship and passport through this way. Many have benefited from this program by investing in Turkey and settling in this country with their families. You can read our blog post on Buy Property in Turkey and Get Citizenship to learn more about this program. 

We hope this blog post helped you understand why Gocek is one of the best places to invest in Turkey and why you should consider buying property here to gain numerous advantages. 

If Gocek has caught your eye and you want to invest in local real estate, you can contact the Prime Property Turkey team, and we will help you acquire the proper information and ensure you make the best investment and receive excellent value for your money.

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