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Created : 28 Dec 2021
things to do in Gocek

By Justin Mays:

Gocek is a holiday destination located in Turkey, in the Fethiye district of Mugla. Though small in size, this vacation destination has a lot to offer and it has a high record of returning visitors. Holidaymakers fall in love with this perfect green and blue picturesque area which has a relaxing atmosphere.

 It has many enchanting bays and Islands and in summer and an average of 2000 yachts cruise in its waters among its Islands on a daily basis. The abundant beaches, crystal clear waters, and pictorial pine forests make this area worth all the holidays. However, during the winter season, holidaymakers prefer to visit Antalya instead, which is three hours away. The area has a lot of activities which include skiing and sea kayaking that can be enjoyed by its visitors and locals alike. 

Places to visit

To enjoy the vivid colors of nature, beautiful sunsets, water, and land activities in Gocek take the opportunity to explore some of its famous holiday destinations which include  Gocek Marina, Gocek Island, 12 Islands, Bath cove, Daily Dark, and Yassica Islands. Sunbathing, luxurious restaurants, beautiful sunsets, and a relaxing atmosphere awaits at these different locations. Some can be reached by walking a few minutes from the center and some by boat. 

Food in Gocek

The food in Gocek is a blend of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines. Most of the restaurants in the district have traces of both these cuisines. The staple food of this area includes seafood, stuffed zucchini flowers, roasted herbs, and vegetables. Fish is found every season and the popular types are bream, squid, sea bass, coral, squid, and octopus. 

Carsi Yolu Avenue which merges with Turgut Ozal Avenue has two-story buildings with shops aligned serving residents and visitors with amenities that make daily life simple such as banks, shops, restaurants, cafes, and markets


Due to its small size, Gocek has very few hotels. Booking on time is important for visitors to avoid disappointment. There are boutique hotels and hostels and if you choose any of these options, remember to carry your essentials when you travel. However, if you are thinking of an all-inclusive more peaceful option, you can choose apart-hotels or some of the chain hotels. 

 How to get to Gocek

To get to Gocek, you can depart at Dalaman airport which is only 20 minutes away, and get a taxi to your destination. There are various buses that connect to Mugla from various parts of the country. Within Gocek, you can easily walk around from one location to the next due to the size of this area. However, if you wish to explore and go for an adventure, there are bikes that can be rented to explore the surrounding areas. To get to the Turquoise coast, which is also known as the Blue Voyage, the traditional Gulet sailboat can be used to maximize your holiday experience. 

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