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9 Reasons to Move to Turkey

Created : 23 Sep 2022
9 Reasons to Move to Turkey

By Justin Mays:

People move to different countries for a variety of reasons. Some move to improve their living standards; others move for a change in environment and to gain diverse experiences. At the same time, some make the move to explore better professional and financial opportunities. 

Turkey gives people the opportunity to live in a country that boasts a key location between Asia and Europe. What makes Turkey different from other European countries is the hassle-free residency process. 

Today’s blog will explain why Turkey as a destination has attracted so many and the 9 reasons why you should move to Turkey.

1. Picture-perfect Nature

Turkey is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. Amid the sophisticated infrastructure and high-rise buildings, Turkey has an abundance of natural scenery that will take your breath away. These include beaches, forests, mountains, etc.

Istanbul, in particular, has proven to be the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the convenience of living in a big city but love the outdoors and are looking for a weekend gateway to blow off some steam and enjoy nature. 

The best examples are the Belgrad Forest and Ataturk Kent Orman. This mix of nature with modern living has motivated people to buy property in Turkey and move here.

2. Ideal Weather

Turkey’s weather is distinct from many European countries because living here; you can experience all four kinds of weather. 

You can witness the beautiful spring weather, soak up the sun during the summer, enjoy fall's coziness, and have a snowball fight in the winter.  

All the major cities in Turkey have comfortable weather, and those who live here can take advantage of short winters and long summers. 

Please read our blog on Turkey’s weather and seasons to learn about the weather in different parts of Turkey.

 3. Diverse Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is exceptionally diverse. It is not just limited to kebabs and doner wraps. Turkish cuisine is so much more than this. It consists of rice dishes, soups, meatballs, etc. 

Turkish Food

Turkish food is different from western cuisine because each dish is made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Mercimek Corbasi, or lentil soup, is the best example of a Turkish dish that is healthy but filling and can be enjoyed year-round.

Vegetarians will also be spoiled for choice here. Every neighborhood has weekend farmers' markets where people can buy fresh produce for affordable prices.

Turkish Desserts

Turkish desserts aren’t far behind in deliciousness and flavor either. You have the world-famous baklava and lokum (Turkish delights) but also other finger-licking desserts such as kunefe, asure, sutlac (rice pudding), and Damla sakizli muhallebi (milk dessert), etc.

You can read our blog on  Damla sakizli muhallebi to get the recipe.

Property In Turkey

  4. Highly Safe & Secure

The cities and neighborhoods in Turkey are mainly safe. It is, in fact, much safer here than in the US. The sophisticated public transport facilities have made traveling quick, convenient and safe, which is why women can travel here freely.

The crime rate in Turkey is low, and you can move without fear or compromise on safety.

However, it is wise to take some precautions, such as keeping your belongings close to you and keeping an eye out for pickpockets. 

5. Major Real Estate & Other Projects 

Moving here is a hassle-free process since there is affordable accommodation available. Living in the major cities is not expensive at all. People who wish to buy property here will indeed find something that fits their description of a perfect home. 

There are countless mega projects all over the country, so there is a lot to choose from. Moreover, the housing projects in Turkey are some of the most modern and offer fantastic value. Apart from being the best quality, the real estate in Turkey is cheaper than in some European countries such as Spain. 

The average home price in Turkey is $71,000

Besides the booming real estate sector, many modern projects have caught investors' eyes. The most important one is the Marmaray project, a mass-transit project connecting Europe and Asia. The New Istanbul Airport is another mega project. It is one of the largest in the world.

Other megaprojects include the Istanbul Canal project and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

 6. Advantageous Investment Opportunities

Investing in properties in Turkey has its advantages. Whether you want to invest in a commercial or residential property, you can now get citizenship in Turkey by property investment. 

This has made moving to Turkey completely painless and straightforward. 

According to the new regulations, a foreign investor must invest at least USD 400,000 to acquire Turkish citizenship.

You can go through our Buy Property in Turkey and Get Citizenship blog to know more.

7. Rich History 

Turkey has a vast and fascinating history from the Paleolithic era, encompassing the Roman and Byzantine eras and the Ottoman Empire. The signs of this era are scattered all over the country. History buffs will love it here since Turkey has everything from ancient ruins to old fortresses, dated mansions, and Ottoman palaces. 

People in Turkey don’t have to travel far from where they live. Every city has something historical that reminds you of the legacies of the bygone era.

8. Phenomenal Hospitality

Turkey is well-known for its hospitality globally. Turkish people respect their guests and do their best to accommodate them. They love chatting it up with new people and are open-minded when it comes to being introduced to new cultures and nationalities. 

This openness and acceptance have made foreigners interested in exploring the investment opportunities to buy homes here. 

While in Turkey, you will never find yourself friendless or without help. If you ever lose your direction or need any help, all you have to do is ask, and the locals will be happy to assist you.

9. Cost-effective & Easy Lifestyle

Turkish people lead a relaxed lifestyle and enjoy spending their time at cafes sitting for hours sipping their tea. This laid-back and stress-free lifestyle is what pulls foreigners to move to Turkey.

In addition, while living in Turkey, you do not need a high income to enjoy the luxuries of life. The prices of food, drinks, etc are comparatively lower. What’s more, the quality you get surpasses the cost. 

Despite the shooting prices, life in Turkey is still significantly cost-effective. You can enjoy premium healthcare and acquire high-quality education for your children without spending a fortune. 

To Wrap It Up

Turkey is an incredible country to live in, offering abundant history, scenic views, and excellent real estate options. There are various outdoor activities, from diving and paragliding to mountain biking and rafting.

Now becoming a resident has become much easier than before. You, too, can move to Turkey and enjoy the local culture and hospitality. 

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