Istanbul Police Department Cracks Down on Immigrant Smuggling
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Istanbul Police Department Working Against Immigrant Smuggling

Created : 11 Nov 2021
Istanbul Police Department Working Against Immigrant Smuggling

By. Justin Mays

Suspects who were operating in transporting irregular foreign nationals brought to Turkey illegally from different countries, to move them from border provinces in order to take them abroad have been arrested. A raid that led to the arrest of the six suspects took place on the 2nd of November also resulted in the rescue of 43 immigrants, including 8 children.

Immigrants were rescued from three different locations in Istanbul and Zonguldak and they were found in what are called ‘shock houses’.  These places are dangerous and unhealthy and might lead to various diseases. Seven minibuses were used to rescue these illegal immigrants and the six suspects were taken to Istanbul Police for questioning.

62 immigrants have been rescued from this network on seven different operations from the 17th of March when this group began smuggling irregular migrants. 13 suspects have been arrested ever since. Five of the 13 suspects who were previously caught and referred to the judicial authorities were arrested again.

Istanbul Police Department Anti-Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch Office teams are putting in unrelenting efforts to stop these networks from immigrate smuggling. The security forces are working tirelessly to combat irregular migration in order to prevent this from going on further.

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