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7 Benefits of Living in Turkey

Created : 02 Sep 2022
living in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

If you’re considering moving to Europe, Turkey is the first country to come to mind. Therefore, knowing what to expect in your new home country is essential. Not only will you have to prepare for the weather and figure out how to get around the city without speaking Turkish, but you also need to be aware of the cool places to visit. 

Turkey may not be well-known, but it offers many things to those who choose to live here. It’s an affordable place to live, has a rich history, and is one of the top ten countries in hospitality. 

That said, let us now explore the reasons why you should move to Turkey right now; read on: 

1. Dynamic Real Estate

Turkey is among the few great countries with dynamic real estate. Foreign investors are allowed in this profitable field, and the investments will help speed up market growth. In fact, many countries are increasing their shareholding in Turkishreal estate companies. 

The Turkish people are eager to invest in homes they can call their own. Foreigners are looking for property investment opportunities in major cities, which have shown significant price increases. 

This is the right opportunity for you if you are a foreign real estate investor. Consult us today, and we will make your dream come true.

2. People are Friendly

One of the great things about living in Turkey is that people are generally friendly and have a caring attitude. For example, taxi drivers often help you with your luggage and other suggestions like a restaurant or shop visit. 

It doesn't feel unnatural for them to ask your opinion about the government or the weather. Locals are good at keeping tourists up and warning them if they're heading into a rough neighborhood by saying Hey! Be careful! That's not a safe place, or don't go that way because the street is lined with thieves or any kind of danger.

3. There is Always Something to do

Turkey is one of the most exciting countries for expats and tourists. It also has a rich variety of attractions and cultures. Some traces of which can be seen all over the country. You'll find amazing beach resorts along the Mediterranean coast where the sands are golden, crystal-clear water, and partying is 24/7. 

All this means that Turkey has something for everyone, from beaches to deserts, ski resorts to historical cities, and more. With its rich culture and breathtaking views, living in Turkey can provide numerous benefits. So no matter your background, there's a way forward here in the country. 

When it comes down to it, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, boasting incredible architecture, food, and warmth 365 days a year.

4. Transportation is Convenient

It is much easier to get around in Turkey because public transportation is prevalent. Everyone walks or takes the bus, and there's always a bus stop nearby. Taxis are plentiful and also relatively inexpensive. This way, you can get anywhere in town within minutes for very little money. It would be quite different if you lived in other countries, where owning a car is almost necessary.

5. Shopping is Fun and Affordable

All the shopping possibilities allow you to explore products from around the world. You can purchase your needs locally or head to an open-air market to make your international finds. Just pack in advance because you won’t leave empty-handed.This makes the cost of living in Turkey affordable.

6. The Weather is Great

The weather is a huge part of the reason that you will love living in Turkey. The winters are generally mild, and the summers are always comfortable temperatures. For those who have difficulty adjusting to the altitude or humidity, there are some exercises and stretches you can do to make yourself more accustomed to living here. 

7. Culture

Tourism and hotel industries are booming, which means that more jobs are being created, and wages are increasing at a rate many European countries can't keep up with. The culture of the people is famous for its music, gastronomy, traditions, and fashions. 

However, the culture is shaping because it aims at becoming a modern western state. But it has managed to preserve its historical values and traditional beliefs. The country has allowed multicultural religion, which has resulted because most people in the country have different backgrounds. 

Many business owners can speak more languages. This is because they expect many tourists from different cultures throughout the year.

Where to Live in Turkey

Even though Istanbul is the capital and most populous city, Ankara is the location of more major universities. While Turkish culture and history can be found throughout the country, some parts are experiencing a development boom, with new hotels, shopping malls, housing developments, and high-rise apartments popping up. 

Northern cities like Gaziantep and Hatay provide an authentic Turkish experience while being close to Syria. Antalya has so much tourism that locals are moving inland away from this region. And coastal towns along the Aegean Sea, such as Bodrum and Marmaris, offer fantastic beaches and unforgettable sunsets.


Turkey has become one of the world's most exciting travel destinations, and its capital city is becoming a central hub for business. But life here isn't just working. There are tons of things to do — great restaurants, live music and theater, a bustling art scene, and more. 

Nonetheless, the housing market is booming, so you can find luxury apartments at bargain prices. If you're considering moving abroad, check out to find a great place to live in Turkey.

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