6 Ways to Become a Citizen in Turkey | Moving to Turkey

6 Ways to Become a Citizen in Turkey

Created : 19 Oct 2022
6 Ways to Become a Citizen in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Turkey has a strong economy, a strategic geographical location linking Asia and Europe, and a stunning landscape. Those interested in moving to Turkey can do so by obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Acquiring a Turkish passport allows you to reside permanently in Turkey and benefits you in many other ways, which we will discuss in this post. 

For all those wondering “How to become a citizen in Turkey?” this blog post has the answer. We will walk you through the different ways to acquire Turkish citizenship and the stages involved in this process. Let’s begin!

6 Ways to Become a Citizen in Turkey Via Investment

Between 2018-2021, 19,630 foreigners acquired Turkish Citizenship through investing in Turkish real estate. 

There are six different ways of acquiring Turkish citizenship via investment. You can choose any of the ones below that suit you best:

Acquire Real Estate Worth At least 400,000 USD

One of the simplest ways to get your hands on Turkish citizenship is to buy real estate in Turkey worth a minimum of 400,000 USD. The property can be of any type: land, apartment, holiday home, villa, commercial building, etc.

You do not have to stick to buying one property worth 400,000 USD. You can purchase more than one for this total amount. 

6 Ways to Become a Citizen in Turkey

Deposit 500,000 USD or More in the Bank

Another way is to deposit money worth 500,000 USD in Turkish Lira in a Turkish bank with the condition of keeping the deposit for three years.

Fixed Capital Contribution

You can also invest a fixed capital of at least 500,000 USD. 

Invest in Government Bonds 

You can invest a minimum of 500,000 USD in Turkish Lira in government bonds. 

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Buy Shares of Investment Funds Worth USD 500,000

You can buy shares of investment funds worth 500,000 USD in real estate investments or venture capital investments and keep them for three years. 

Start a Business With 500,000 USD 

You can choose to open a business worth this amount or create at least 50 jobs to provide employment to Turkish people. 

The investment you make in Turkey for citizenship can produce significant profits in the future. 

You have to wait three years to sell your property or close your bank deposit after you obtain citizenship. 

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Other Ways to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

There are a few other ways for foreigners to become a Turkish citizen without buying property.

    1. Foreigners can become citizens through marriage to Turkish citizens after three years of marriage.

    2. It is possible to be a Turkish citizen by birth if at least one of the parents is a Turkish citizen.

    3. Foreigners can get citizenship via employment after five years of contractual work.

    4. A foreigner can become a Turkish citizen by applying for naturalization if they have a good command of the Turkish language and have lived in Turkey for five years. 

Steps to Apply for Turkish Citizenship 

Here are the steps to apply for Turkish citizenship through the Citizen by Investment Program.

    1. Select the property that is right for you.

    2. You can grant Power of attorney to a lawyer to handle all the legal requirements. 

    3. Finish off your investment by signing the purchase agreement and completing your transaction.

    4. Prepare your documents to apply for a residency permit. You will need documents such as the Certificate of Conformity and the Real Estate Valuation Report.

    5. You can now receive your citizenship and move on to apply for a Turkish passport.

How to Become a Citizen in Turkey | Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment

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What are the benefits of having Turkish citizenship?

There are many benefits, including the chance to apply for an E-2 investor visa, which can pave the way for you and your family to get residency in the United States. You can live a lavish yet affordable life with access to high-quality food, ideal accommodation, great healthcare, and much more.

It is even better if you live in Turkey and earn in foreign currency since this can allow you to spend less on everyday expenses and maximize your income’s potential.

For more details on this, please read our blog on 10 Benefits of Property Investment in Turkey.

What is the major benefit of having a Turkish passport?

The Turkish passport currently ranks 54, and Turkish passport holders have the privilege to visit 112 countries visa-free, via visa on arrival and through electronic travel authorization (eTA). 

Can I get Turkish citizenship if I purchase a house?

Of course, you can. As long as the property is worth at least 400,000 USD, you are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship?

After you make your investment in Turkey, you can have to wait about three to six months to obtain citizenship.

Can I have dual citizenship in Turkey?

You can possess dual citizenship as a Turkish citizen. Therefore, you can hold on to the citizenship of your home country when you acquire a Turkish passport.

Do foreigners who have acquired Turkish citizenship via real estate investment have to serve in the Turkish army?

All Turkish males between the ages of 20 and 41 must perform mandatory military duty. However, foreigners who have acquired Turkish citizenship and are older than 22 are exempt from military service.

If you want to know more about the Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment program and are interested in exploring what real estate options Turkey has, you are free to contact us. Our team will get back to you in no time.

Note: The information in this blog has been thoroughly researched and is intended for guidance purposes only.

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