A Detailed Guide on How to Find Your Home in Istanbul
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Istanbul Real Estate | How to Find Your Home

Created : 18 Oct 2022
Istanbul Real Estate | How to Find Your Home

By Justin Mays:

Istanbul has captivated people with its charm and allure, which is why many foreigners from Europe, the Middle East and Asia look to buy a home and settle here. Fortunately, there is an abundance of residential real estate options in Istanbul. 

You can find all types of homes and other properties with diverse amenities for sale in Istanbul. Living in this glorious city gives you a distinctive experience of a culture that is a unique blend of the east and the west. 

If you are considering buying a house here, this blog will explain how to find your perfect home in Istanbul, Turkey.

Establish Your Objectives

One of the first things homebuyers should do is to set their objectives. 

Decide what you want to achieve by buying a house in Istanbul. Are you exploring properties in Istanbul to invest for the purpose of obtaining a Turkish passport? 

Are you interested in holiday homes rigged with luxury facilities such as private pools, etc., or do you want a residential property with round-the-clock security? 

The answers to these questions will determine the exact type of home you should be looking for and the precise budget you should have to get exactly what you are looking for.

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Istanbul Real Estate | How to Find Your Home

Contact a Professional Real Estate Consultant 

A professional real estate consultant is essential to hire for homebuyers since they specialize in the Turkish real estate market. They can negotiate effectively with property owners on your behalf to help crack the perfect deal. They will also protect you from buying from dubious construction companies. 

A real estate agent will also protect foreign investors from costly property scams. 

Our blog on Why You Should Consider a Consultant When Moving to Turkey gives detailed insight into the benefits of hiring a real estate consultant.

Prime Property Turkey can provide home buyers with professional real estate consultancy services designed to accommodate clients with different requirements. We have a real estate portfolio with ample properties in every price range and offer services that ease your process of moving to Turkey.

Choose the District Where You Want to purchase a Home.

Istanbul is a gigantic city with districts in Asia and Europe. You can choose a district based on the type of home you are looking for. Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, and Buyukcekmece on the European Side have pristine villas. 

Bahcesehir and Arnavutkoy present many home options that offer access to beautiful natural scenery. Beykoz, on the Asian side, has residential options that serve homebuyers with breathtaking sea views. 

You can explore our properties in Istanbul, available in the Asian and European districts.

You can also check out Prime Property Turkey’s video on the Mesa Orman Apartment Project that gives a magnificent forest view to homebuyers.

Carryout Field Tour for Property Inspection

Once you have selected the area of Istanbul that suits your needs, you should go on property inspections.

A crucial step in finding your ideal home in Istanbul is personally going on a property tour to view several properties. 

By visiting the properties, you can know if the properties look different from their pictures and videos online. 

Once you have viewed several properties, you can narrow your search to the ones that have what you are looking for.

Ensure There’s No Missing Paperwork

Make sure the owner of the properties has all the crucial paperwork for the property. 

Missing papers and documents can cause significant inconveniences in obtaining the Title Deed for the home and result in losing money and precious time.

Get a Lawyer to Help You With Legal Formalities.

Working with a lawyer in the home buying process helps protect your purchase legally. A lawyer can help you know if the home you want to buy is a legal construction.

Furthermore, a lawyer can also help you ensure that the property is not missing any documents and that there are no pending debts and tax issues.

Hiring a lawyer and granting them the Power of Attorney (POA) can allow them to carry out paperwork and other legal processes on your behalf. 

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Get in touch with a translator with a background in working with real estate investors. The translator can help create translations of your documents. 

Your lawyer will probably connect you to a translator that can help you.

What to Avoid?

Don’t settle on the initial price that the property owner demands. Bargaining a little can help get you a cheaper deal. 

A professional real estate consultant can help you negotiate a deal that will work best for you.

Moving to Turkey

Investing 400.000 USD in Real Estate Can Help You Acquire Turkish Citizenship

The Turkish Government allows foreigners who make an investment of at least 400.000 USD in the Turkish real estate market to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport. Investors can choose to buy one property for this amount or multiple. 

Once you have purchased a home in Istanbul and acquired the title deed, you can elicit the help of a lawyer to apply for your Turkish citizenship as well as your spouse’s and minor children.

You can learn all the requirements of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program here.

Prime Property Turkey’s Real Estate Consultancy Services

As one of Turkey’s leading real estate consultancy companies, Prime Property Turkey provides services to its clientele that cover every aspect of the property hunting, purchasing and managing process. 

We are equipped with what it takes to ensure our clients’ purchases are safe. 

Moreover, we offer physical and virtual field tours to allow our clients to view the properties. 

We help our clients understand the property’s area and district thoroughly. You can leave all the nitty-gritty of the Turkish property purchasing process to us.

That is not all. Once the purchase is made, we assist our clients with their Turkish citizenship applications.

We also provide “after-sale” services to interested clients to help them furnish their properties and carry out regular maintenance.

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How to find a cheap house to buy in Istanbul?

Finding cheap houses in Istanbul may be slightly tricky, but not entirely impossible. There are many districts for foreign investors to explore to find affordable houses, which include Sancaktepe, Esenler, Gungoren, and Beylikduzu. 

Is it a good time to invest in Istanbul real estate?

This is the perfect time to invest in real estate in Istanbul since tourism is at an all-time high, and rents are steadily rising, allowing property owners to earn excellent rental income.

Is real estate in Istanbul profitable?

Istanbul real estate is the most profitable option for those looking to invest since you can get exceptional properties for reasonable prices and receive better returns on resales and rentals. 

To Wrap It Up

Finding your perfect home in Istanbul is hassle-free if you follow the above guide step-by-step. Doing your research beforehand helps immensely simplify and speed up the home searching and purchasing process. 

If you have any questions regarding homes in Istanbul or are interested in acquiring our services, please contact us for a free consultation.

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