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Working in Turkey | Salaries and Job Market

Created : 04 Nov 2022
Working in Turkey | Salaries and Job Market

By Justin Mays:

Many foreigners choose Turkey to explore for work opportunities because of its favourable climate, developed economy, modern transportation facilities, and rich history. Finding a job in Turkey these days is not easy. However, those foreigners who are employed in Turkey have to pay taxes on their earnings and must possess a work permit.

Foreigners working without a work permit can face punishments such as fines or even deportation.

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Turkey, this guide offers you all you need to know:

Job Market in Turkey 

While finding a job in Turkey may be challenging, Turkey is an excellent country to live in and work in. There are a lot of attractions to explore, friendly locals to connect with, and many social and transport facilities to benefit from.

Highly qualified foreigners can find jobs here and acquire a work permit. Being able to speak Turkish is a plus and definitely helps make you stand out from the other candidates. There are, however, certain professions that are forbidden for foreigners to enter. These include:

  • Tourist Guide
  • Security Officer
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Customs Official
  • Lawyer & Notary Official, etc. 

Most companies in Turkey provide off days to their employees for Turkish holidays. Turkish companies usually operate from Monday to Friday and the shift durations mostly depend on employment type.  

Foreigners can look for jobs in Turkey through platforms such as LinkedIn, etc. You can read our blog post on Jobs and Salaries in Turkey to learn more about finding employment in Turkey.

Working in Turkey | Salaries and Job Market

Average Salary in Turkey 

The monthly minimum wage in Turkey is 5500 TL and the average salary per month in Turkey is 10,000 TL.

The salaries largely depend on the job type. However, some of the highest-paying professions in Turkey include bank manager, financial assistant, marketing manager, university professor, surgeon, lawyer, etc. 

Teaching English is one of the most popular professions for foreigners in the major cities of Turkey. International companies with branches in Turkey are always looking to hire English speakers. You can find out more about what professions are available for foreigners in Turkey by reading our blog on  Best Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners.

Freelancing is also a fantastic option for foreigners who want to work for international clients and companies and make their income in a foreign currency. Many foreigners also move to Turkey while still being employed by companies in their home countries. 

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

The ideal way to get the chance to live and work in Turkey is to benefit from the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. Those individuals who purchase Turkish property worth 400,000 USD or more can apply for Turkish citizenship. Once the application is approved, the foreign investor can get permanent residence in Turkey and the right to work.  

To learn more about this program, you can check out our extensive blog on Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

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