All About Applying for Short Term Residency in Turkey
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Who can Apply for Short Term Residency in Turkey?

Created : 01 Nov 2022
Who can Apply for Short Term Residency in Turkey?

By Justin Mays:

Many people want to live in Turkey for one reason or another and are interested in applying for a short-term residence permit.

If you are planning to visit Turkey and are interested in acquiring a short-term residence permit, this guide will help you know everything about what this permit is and who can apply for it:

What Is a Short-Term Residence Permit?

Acquiring a short-term residence permit can allow foreign nationals to live in Turkey for a particular period. These can be foreigners who come to Turkey via visa or through visa exemptions. 

All non-Turkish citizens who wish to live in Turkey for more than their 90-day tourist visa must apply for it.

Those foreigners who apply for residence permits while meeting all the requirements can acquire a short-term residence permit. Moreover, the short-term residence permit can be valid for one to two years. Most short-term residence permits are provided to foreigners for the purpose of tourism. 

short-term residence permit Turkey

Who can Apply for Short-Term Residency in Turkey?

The following types of individuals can apply for short-term residence permits:

Foreigners Who Wish to Come to Turkey for Tourism

The statement regarding the travel plan, which includes information such as why, when, where, and the duration of the foreigner’s stay, is investigated. They can acquire a maximum of two years as a result of their application, and in case all the requirements are met. 

Foreigners Who Wish to Arrive for Business or Trade Purposes

Foreigners who arrive in Turkey to set up a business can acquire a permit that is valid for up to one year, provided that they apply for the short-term residence permit and meet all the requirements. 

To do this, they have to apply for an appointment with the Immigration and asylum offices prior to their visa expiration. The foreigner then has to get the required documents ready by the time of the appointment.

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Foreigners Who Wish to Live in Turkey by Buying Residential Property

Foreigners who buy residential property and want to live in this residence can acquire a short-term residence permit that lasts up to one year. For this, the foreigner has to start by buying the property. Family members can also apply for residence permits if they have shared or cooperative ownership of the property. 

Foreigners Who Wish to Receive Treatment

Foreigners who want to receive medical treatment in Turkey can apply for a short-term residence permit as long as they do not have any diseases that are a danger to the public's health. 

The residence permit will be issued based on the treatment duration. An appointment will have to be made via application to Immigration and asylum prior to the expiration of the visa duration. 

Foreigners Who Have Acquired & Finished Their Higher Education in Turkey

International students can apply for a short-term residence permit within six months of graduation. This permit will be granted only once, with a duration of up to one year.

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Foreigners Who Have to Attend a Turkish Language Course

The foreigner will be issued a residence permit only up to two times, and the residence permit duration will only be a year if the course duration is also only a year. The applicant must have the Ministry of National Education’s permission.

The institution offering the course has to notify the Provincial Directorate of the status of the course and the attendance of the foreigner who has registered for the Turkish language course.

Foreigners arriving in Turkey for education or related purposes as part of agreements or student exchange programs that involve the Republic of Turkey can apply.  

Applicants will be expected to submit certain documents from their institutions. 

Foreigners Who Wish to Conduct Scientific Research

Foreigners who want to acquire a short-term residence permit, for this reason, have to get a license from related bodies such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Energy, universities, etc., if permission is needed for scientific research. Otherwise, a statement regarding the research subject is needed to be submitted.

Foreigners Required to Stay via Court Order

Foreigners who are required to remain in Turkey per a request or decision of the courts may be issued short-term residence permits. The duration of this permit is based on the period mentioned in the request or decision. 

Foreigners Who Are Citizens of The Republic of Northern Cyprus

The residence permit provided for this reason is only valid for five years maximum. 

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The information in this blog post is meant for guidance purposes only.

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