Bringing Your Car To Turkey - Moving to Turkey
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How to Bring Your Car To Turkey

Created : 02 Jan 2023
How to Bring Your Car To Turkey

By Justin Mays:

With so many foreigners wanting to buy property in Turkey and move to this country, we often get questions from our clients about whether it is possible for them to bring their own car here.

Cars in Turkey are not very affordable, and they are highly taxed, so many expats who move here wish to bring their cars from their home countries, so they don’t have to buy new ones. This article gives you a complete overview of how to bring your car to Turkey if you plan to move here. 

Can I Bring My Car to Turkey?

Yes, you can bring your car into Turkey and keep it only for a period of two years before it will need to exit Turkey for six months. Failure to do so may result in you having to pay a heavy tax and your car being confiscated.

What Are the Conditions of Bringing Your Car Into Turkey?

Foreign visitors who live abroad for over 185 days a year can bring their foreign number-plated vehicles to Turkey for two years only for private use. The foreigner bringing their car must also be a resident of the country where their vehicle is registered.

After the 730 days (two-year period) are over, you can bring your car into Turkey again once you have spent 185 days outside of Turkey. 

How to Bring Your Car To Turkey

What Documents Do I Need to Bring My Car to Turkey?

You should have all the papers of your car, and your car must be registered to your passport. The documents you will need are:

  • Your valid passport and driving license with photocopies.
  • Residence permit.
  • Security deposit.
  • A power of attorney will be needed if the driver is not the vehicle’s owner.
  • Car license documents
  • Valid international insurance (green card)
  • Car registration details

You may need to get the above documents translated into Turkish and notarized.

Who Can Drive the Imported Car in Turkey?

Apart from yourself, your immediate family members can also drive the imported vehicle. However, no proxy or third party can use this vehicle with a foreign-number plate. 

How to Bring Your Car To Turkey

Can I Sell an Imported Car in Turkey?

You cannot sell a car with a foreign license plate in Turkey.

It should be pointed out that there are no restrictions in Turkey on importing cars from certain brands. 

While you have your car in Turkey, you cannot lend your car to anyone else. You cannot rent it either or use it for any commercial purposes. 

You can check the website for more information on importing private vehicles into Turkey.

What Are the Complete Steps To Bringing a Car into Turkey?

You can start by carrying out a pre-declaration application via an app provided by the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade, where you mention your reasons for bringing the vehicle into Turkey for private use, along with all the details regarding yourself and your car. 

After you submit this, your next step is to apply for a Yabancı Taşıtlar Geçici Giriş Belgesi, or Foreign Vehicles Temporary Entry Certificate, also referred to as the Blue Card, via the Turkey Touring and Automobile Association. You will need your residence permit to do this. 

Once you have your Blue Card, you can submit your customs fee to the Turkish Customs Directorate and register your car at the Traffic Registry Office to get a foreign resident’s license plate.

Can I Buy a Turkish Car?

Purchasing a Turkish car is possible for expats residing in Turkey with a valid licence and residence permit. They can choose to buy new cars or second-hand vehicles. The purchase process and paperwork might be complicated for those who cannot speak Turkish, but expats have access to most brands of cars in Turkey since all the major cities have the top car dealerships. While cars, in general, are expensive in Turkey, high-end car brands are even more costly. 

Ultimately, it would be best to run all the necessary checks before buying a Turkish car to ensure there are no pending debts, taxes etc. 

Note: This blog is meant only for informational purposes and must not be considered legal advice. 

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