Mavi Kart for Public Transportation in Istanbul - Moving to Turkey
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All About the Mavi Kart For Public Transportation in Istanbul

Created : 12 Jan 2023
All About the Mavi Kart For Public Transportation in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Public transportation in Istanbul, such as trains, trams, metro buses, etc., is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to move around the city. While taxis are also preferred by many, they can be quite expensive and, sometimes, not worth the hassle, considering the abundance of taxi scams in Istanbul. 

Wouldn't you love to check out all the attractions in Istanbul without worrying about paying for public transport each time? The solution is the Mavi Kart since this card can give you the comfort of traveling to any part of Istanbul. Stay with us as we break down what the Mavi kart is, how you can get it, and what benefits it offers.

What Are the Types of IstanbulKart?

The IstanbulKart is a travel card that is the most budget-friendly option for frequent travellers. Since you cannot buy tickets or tokens to use public transport in Istanbul, the IstanbulKart is the only way to take advantage of this. 

You must keep the card in your pocket and scan it when you pass through the gates. The Biletmatik machines in the train, tram and Metrobus stations can be used to purchase the Istanbulkart and to top them up. You can also buy these cards from kiosks and shops around the city. 

Biletmatik - Transportation Card Machines

There are a few types of IstanbulKarts that travellers can purchase. 

  • The first one is the anonymous card which you can get from the Biletmatik machines, which costs roughly 50 TL. The updated price for each ride using this ride is 9.90 TL.
  • Then there is the discounted student card for local students. 
  • Another type is the free pass card for Turkish citizens who are over 65 years old. 
  • Then, the Mavi Kart, which is a monthly pass card.


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What is the Mavi Kart or Blue Card?

The Mavi Kart is for the residents of Istanbul and Turkish citizens. It is a monthly pass card which means it is pre-paid. This card is personalized based on the card owner’s information and requires a few documents to be applied for. It also features the picture of the card owner, which is why it cannot be shared between multiple people. 

The Istanbul Mavi Kart or Blue Card can be used for all modes of transport managed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee of 777 TL to get 108 presses (rides). It can also allow you to ride the famed Istanbul trams. You can use the Mavi Kart by bringing it close to the card reader before passing the gates.

There are also limited usage cards that provide one to ten passes, which are ideal for travelers who don't plan to stay in the city for long. 

Mavi KartWhat Are the Benefits of Getting the Mavi Kart Istanbul?

One of the significant advantages of having the Mavi Kart on hand is the fact that you can use it for all modes of public transportation except the minibus (dolmus), private busses, double–deckers, etc. 

As a resident of Istanbul, the Mavi Kart is the perfect choice if you plan to move around the city and use different modes of transportation without having to pay every time you board the subway or ferry. It can greatly reduce travel expenses and remove the need to stand in long lines to regularly charge your card. 

If the Mavi Kart gets damaged or lost, it can be replaced by paying a small fee and visiting the iETT offices. 

What Are the Steps to Getting a Mavi Istanbul Kart?

You have to collect your documents and visit the nearest Istanbulkart Application Center to apply for and receive your Mavi Kart.

Another way which is the fastest method to apply for the Mavi Kart, is to fill out the online form and add your address for your Mavi Kart to be delivered to your doorstep and pay the shipping fee via your credit card. Once you receive your card, you will have a month to use your 180 trips.

You can get your Mavi Kart recharged from kiosks with a sign that says “AKBIL” or any of the transportation card machines. Furthermore, the Mavi Kart has a validity period of 2 years, after which it requires renewal.

What Are the Documents Needed to Apply For the Mavi Kart?

You need a passport-sized photograph of yourself taken in the last six months and your residence permit. 

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